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Ed’s Visual Update 59 days after discharges begin

  1. Documenting the Discharges 2023

These aerials were taken today, March 22, 2023, around 10:45 am. High tide crested at 11:09 am. Thank you to our eye in the sky and the apple of my eye, Ed Lippisch for consistently photographing the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon. Also included is S-308 at Port Mayaca, Lake Okeechobee-checking for algae.

We continue  to document the discharges.

This year the ACOE began discharging 500 cfs on January 22, 2023. Today is 59 days with a few stops decided by Col. Jamie Booth due to visual algae. Thank you Colonel.


Tomorrow there is a meeting at noon at the St Lucie Locks and Dam of the longstanding defenders of the the river, the Rivers Coalition, asking or one could say, demanding, that the discharges to be stopped. We all know that discharges are helpful for lowing a high (now 14.84) Lake Okeechobee, but not for the health of the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon, who has unfairly bore this burden for 99 years.

-St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon with discharges of 500 cfs. Aerials Ed Lippisch.

Most recent ACOE PSC slide up to 3-15-23. Full Power Point: Periodic_Scientists_Call_2023-03-14 2

-S-308 3-22-23 Port Mayaca, Lake Okeechobee – no visible algae at 1500 feet, Photos Ed Lippisch.

Ed’s Aerial Report 33 days after discharges begin 500 cfs, SLR

Documenting the Discharges 2023 -St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon

Eyeonlakeo.com resource guide to all things SLR

ACOE decision to begin lake o discharges to SRL

These aerial photographs were taken by my husband, Ed Lippisch, on Friday, February 24, 2023 around 1:51 pm during high tide. It was a beautiful day and many boats were fishing over the nearshore reefs. The 500 cubic feet per second discharges are much less noticeable at high tide; the visual loss of seagrass remains. I am sharing all photographs -many are very similar, you can look for small differences.

Please see slides from ACOE Periodic Scientist Call on 2-21-23 for updates on Lake Okeechobee level, red tide on west coast, east coast conditions, and other important information. Periodic_Scientists_Call_2023-02-21

With the hot, dry weather the last few days Lake Okeechobee’s evaporation should be high. Today the SFWMD reported the lake at 15.61 feet. You can see the ecological envelope band in gray below.

PSC 2-21-23

On Friday there was a waring from the Martin County Health Department of an algae bloom at  S-308 at Port Mayaca on the canal side as the Department of Environmental Protection reported this observation from 2-22-23.  

Ed and I continue to document the discharges.


Ed’s Aerial Report 24 days after discharges begin 500 cfs, SLR

~Ed’s Aerial Report 24 days after discharges begin at 500 cfs via ACOE from Lake Okeechobee to SLR/IRL. Documenting the Discharges. 

My husband Ed Lippisch has asked me to get these photos on-line ASAP. They were taken of the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon area around Sewall’s Point, yesterday, February 15, 2023 around 1:25pm. It was an incoming tide about two hours after low tide. I do not have time to go through all the photos so I am sharing all of them. Many are almost identical. Color doesn’t look great. No seagrasses visible. Salinity remains in range according to FDEP. See my brother Todd’s website EyeonLakeO.com for more information.


Florida Oceanographic WQ Report Feb 15 2023

Via DEP: South Florida Coastal Salinity Status

Ed’s Aerial Update, 12 days after discharges begin 500cfs SLR

Aerials of St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon taken February 3, 2023, 1pm “about two hours before low tide.” Florida Oceanographic Society graded the St. Lucie River at an overall “B” for water quality January 26 through February 1st. An “A” for the IRL and a “C” for the SLR west of Sewall’s Point. Since January 22, 2023, the ACOE continues to discharge 500 cubic feet per second from Lake Okeechobee to lower the lake in avoidance of toxic algae blooms predicted in Lake Okeechobee this summer due to Hurricane Ian. The lake is presently at 15.92 feet down from 16.10 feet on January 22, 2023. ~Photographs Ed Lippisch
Ed Lippisch River Warrior documenting the SLR since 2013.

~Aerials below taken 12 days after ACOE began discharging 500 cubic feet per second from S-80 via Lake Okeechobee. Color better  in IRL than SLR.  Of  concern  no  visible  seagrass.

SFWMD’s most recent chart from Environmental Conditions Report: Total Flow to the SLR.

SFWMD’s Operation Position Statement 1/31/23 to 2/6/03 the ACOOE: Ops_Position_Statement_Jan_31_Feb_06_2023

~St Lucie Inlet and Crossroads of SLR/IRL at Sewall’s Point, Stuart, Martin County, FL 2/3/23

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