The Algae Comes From the Lake, Documenting the Discharges, 2018, SLR/IRL

Since my husband, Ed, accidentally spotted an algae bloom in Lake Okeechobee, while running new engines on the Baron, I have posted many photos on Facebook and the word is out.

Nonetheless, for purposes of documentation, I am going to post some of the photos again on my blog for historical purposes and for those who do not use Facebook.

~Ed noticed the “lines of algae” in the lake on June 2, two miles or so northwest of Port Mayaca, the day after the ACOE started discharging from Lake O into the St Lucie River. Absolute chance, fate, or a tip from above, however you decide to look at it.

Since this time others have documented on the ground and DEP should be testing for toxicity.

So, after seeing the bloom on Friday, Ed went back the following day on Saturday in windy conditions so I stayed home–in the yellow plane, the Cub, getting more pictures of bloom, looking about the same but more dispersed from rain perhaps. These photos at lower altitude also include drainage structures around the lake, as well as the destruction of the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon at Sewall’s Point and the St Lucie Inlet.

Photos will continue to be taken as we once again, document the discharges, and once again have seen first-hand, like we did in 2016, without the warning of our government, that the algae that contaminates the St Lucie River starts in Lake Okeechobee.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Sunday, June 3, 2018

6 thoughts on “The Algae Comes From the Lake, Documenting the Discharges, 2018, SLR/IRL

  1. You two lost no time as the new season started. Right out the gate like 2 fine thoroughbreds!! Can’t thank you and Ed enough for this. This kind of focus with a plane gets the WORLDS ATTENTION with social media. Without that plane and you two right on top of it, well, we would never be this far. I thank GOD everyday for you two !!! With all my love, Truly, Becky


  2. Certainly, the only “weapon” we have is our vote and our activism…we need to vote against Rick Scott and Adam Putnam. We need to attend Martin County LPA and Commission meetings and realize the relationship between unbridled growth and the health of our rivers and Lagoon. We need to continue to defend and NOT allow dangerous changes to our Comp Plan as are planned at the LPA meeting on this Thursday 6/7/18. We need to cast our votes in our own self interest…and never, ever vote for anyone who accepts sugar money in plain view or “secretly”. We need to support Bull Sugar, We need to call for the firing of Scott Pruitt because nothing good can ever happen with that man in charge of the EPA.

  3. Great photos Jacquie ,
    too bad we have to have this happen.. Never had this stuff when I was growing up, but thats progress I guess, at our expense..”They” did it to us again.. Keep up your and Ed’s great work on this problem..

    1. Thanks so much Uncle Dale. And yes this did not happen when you were growing up here although the C-44 was here at that time. 2.8 million to 20 million people makes a difference. Time to UPDATE. All the best to you and Aunt Mary.

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