Most Recent Disturbing Photos of Discharges from Lake Okeechobee and Area Canal, SLR/IRL

Today is October 7th, 2017 and I am sharing photos taken October 6th, 2017 in the area of the St Lucie Inlet displaying the recent discharges from Lake Okeechobee and area canals. The plume was measured four miles out, this is very far, and can be seen both north and south of the inlet. The edges are churned up and  blurred, and there are many layers fanning out.

I share to document. I share in hope of eventual change, and I share to inspire the so many people who are causing change, change,  that one day we will see in a better water future.

Thank you to my husband Ed for piloting, and to passenger, and photographer, Matt Coppeletta.



All photos taken of the St Lucie Inlet area on 10-6-17 by Ed Lippisch and Matt Coppeletta. Discoloration of water is caused primarily by discharges from Lake Okeechobee but also from canals C-23, C-24, C-25 and area runoff.

ACOE, Lake O:

S-308 and S-80 connected to both LO and C-44:

C-23,(S97) C-24,(S49) C-25 (S99):


St Luice River canal and basin map, with structures. SFWMD.

5 thoughts on “Most Recent Disturbing Photos of Discharges from Lake Okeechobee and Area Canal, SLR/IRL

  1. This is just disgusting…..when will it end…..who knows? Greed, stupidity and lack of respect for life……Thank you for sharing these photos. I no longer live on the St. Lucie River, and I feel sorry for those with properties there, not only is your water filthy, but you are paying larges sums of money/taxes for what?

  2. I sure miss all of you! Hope to come back for part of January. Guess that makes me a “snow bird!” (Although we don’t get much snow in the North Carolina Piedmont.. and when we do it’s often in the 70’s within a week!

  3. This is what you get when you have big sugar contributing big bucks to those like our actual criminal governor.

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