Ed’s Aerial Report 24 days after discharges begin 500 cfs, SLR

~Ed’s Aerial Report 24 days after discharges begin at 500 cfs via ACOE from Lake Okeechobee to SLR/IRL. Documenting the Discharges. 

My husband Ed Lippisch has asked me to get these photos on-line ASAP. They were taken of the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon area around Sewall’s Point, yesterday, February 15, 2023 around 1:25pm. It was an incoming tide about two hours after low tide. I do not have time to go through all the photos so I am sharing all of them. Many are almost identical. Color doesn’t look great. No seagrasses visible. Salinity remains in range according to FDEP. See my brother Todd’s website EyeonLakeO.com for more information.


Florida Oceanographic WQ Report Feb 15 2023

Via DEP: South Florida Coastal Salinity Status

3 thoughts on “Ed’s Aerial Report 24 days after discharges begin 500 cfs, SLR

  1. Looks like a gigantic toilet was flushed. I live south of the crossroads in Rocky Point. I usually get blue green water around high tides. When the cesspool is discharged I only get brown water at high tide.

  2. So sorry for east coast waters. Our west coast (Pine Island) waters, getting discharge via the Caloosahatchee, are also rotten brown. Fishing is non existent and red tide is flaring.

  3. just beyond incredible
    corruption, greed, fish can’t vote
    What did Brain Mast our Congressman do to stop this???? Who got bribed and paid off? Army Corps run by Big Money Sugar
    Unacceptable and Outrageous
    Where to move next…

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