2020 Aerial Update! St Lucie River to Kissimmee!

Pilot my husband, Dr Ed Lippisch, Dr Gary Goforth, Mark Perry Feb. 9, 2020

Between the rain and the FAA’s Presidential Temporary Flight Restrictions, it has been difficult this Florida winter to get photos of the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon. Luckily, yesterday, there was an opportunity to get up in the air!

Ed took Florida Oceanographic https://www.floridaocean.org Executive Director, Mark Perry, and board member, Dr Gary Goforth up for a ride. Mark wanted to check on the seagrasses and near shore reefs. Gary – the restored Kissimmee https://www.sfwmd.gov/our-work/kissimmee-river as he was very much part of this success that is still underway. As it was quite windy and I have a delicate stomach, I stayed on the ground. I didn’t  want to ruin the outing asking for an air-sick bag!

Today, I share some rare photos of the St Lucie River after being “Lake Okeechobee discharge free” for almost one year. As you can see, her seagrass beds still need a few more years to recover, but rhizomes and grasses are back in some areas, ~but not what we want- historic “all.”  The ocean waters were very turned up so it was hard to see the reefs, but the water sure was blue and for that we are beyond thankful!

Ed and I and the River Warrior Community will continue to document and fight for the continued health of our St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon!

South of Sewall’s Point, Crossroads, photo Gary Goforth
St Lucie Inlet, near shore reefs, photo Ed Lippisch
Another view, photo Ed Lippisch
Indian River Lagoon, Sailfish Flats, photo Ed Lippisch
Sailfish Point, IRL/SLR Crossroads, photo Ed Lippisch
Restored area of the Kissimmee River, photo Gary Goforth

11 thoughts on “2020 Aerial Update! St Lucie River to Kissimmee!

  1. Thank you for the continued aerial documentation of our water’s. I appreciate the time/energy your team spend in sharing information.
    Lorraine Gatti

  2. I would so like for Dr. Goforth to explain what we are seeing in his aerial of the restoration of the Kissimmee River. I am very curious about the hoped for success of the Ten Mile Creek Reservoir and would like to see aerials of it. Ed Lippisch’s sharing of his piloting skills and airplanes is a priceless gift to the scientific community and ordinary citizens.

  3. Sandy,
    Thanks for sharing the aerials of the restoration of the Kissimmee River. As citizens we sometimes forget how important it is for all of us!!!

  4. Thanks for keeping us informed!!
    I’m with the Brevard Indian Lagoon Coalition-is it alright to reproduce some of your pics and observations on our FaceBook from time to time?

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