Documenting the Discharges 12-27-17

I guess one could say the St Lucie River is getting a new year’s present in that yesterday was the last scheduled release from Lake Okeechobee by the Army Corp of Engineers. The entire situation has a similar theme to an abusive relationship where the beaten thanks their oppressor for finally halting…

Therefore, I will not say “thank you.”

Due to Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) because of the President’s visit to Palm Beach, it was not possible to fly south along Jupiter Island from Witham Field in Stuart, however, when the wind and runway changed my husband, Ed, was able to get a few aerials at the Crossroads of the St Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon around Sewall’s Point. No seagrass, but the water already looks better.

After being decimated in 2013; part of 2015; toxic in 2016; and experiencing a no-holds-barred discharge rate since September 20, 2017, post Irma; we will continue to fight for the EAA Reservoir’s success and a better 2018 for our St Lucie River.

We shall never, never, never, give up!

Please see links to my brother Todd Thurlow’s website for St Lucie Canal Real Time Flows S-80 Cumulative 2017 and Latest Lake O Satellite Imagery
All photos of SLR/IRL by Ed Lippisch 12-27-17

ACOE data is for previous weeks. Obviously the St Lucie gets enough redirected and area runoff without Lake O. ACOE 12-21-17

5 thoughts on “Documenting the Discharges 12-27-17

  1. I think every bird in Florida has come to roost here. I stay busy putting shells on the shore and can see the results of my labor. I am sure there are many who can relate to being beaten up over this. Here it is the septic tank people and others who I hope will soon thank their oppressors for stopping their abuse. Maby one day the sugar industry will thank you guys for not beating them up and calling them BULLsugar any more. But with all this talk nothing good is going to happen until you roll up your sleeves and bring back the coquia formations!!!

  2. Thank you for your posts and the forever nonstop fight for clean water. Looking forward to the political will to be changed in 2018. Also thanks for Ed Lippisch foe aerial flight and photos. Have a great 2018!

  3. The birds here right now are quit impresive– Like the sea turtles–they know whats up. Their environment is comming back to the way it used to be. Not one or 2 thousand but tens or maby even hundreds of thousands. Black swerling clouds of cormorans—coots and ducks. Happy new year to everyone.

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