Blue Water on Christmas Day, 2018

What should be normal, was a gift on Christmas Day, blue water in the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon. The peninsula of Sewall’s Point shone like the gem it is surrounded by aquamarine on both sides: the St Lucie River on its west, and the Indian River Lagoon on its east…

Feeling like the Bahamas, rather than the toxic-sludge we had to endure ~coming mostly from Lake Okeechobee this past summer, 2018, and yes, remember 2016, and 2013….the destruction must stop!

As 2019 edges into the picture, we will once again have to give everything we have to fight for clean water and encourage our state and federal government to support legislation “sending the water south.”

Seeing these beautiful blue waters once again is certainly encouraging. Now to keep the Army Corp and South Florida Water Management District at bay long enough, as projects proceed, and allow our precious seagrass beds to return so baby fish can once again hide, swim, and grow to maturity in these waters; once christened the “most bio-diverse in North America.”

Thank you to my dear husband, Ed, for these photos all taken 12-25-18. And from both of us, “Merry Christmas!”

Sewall’s Point lies between the St Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon
Sailfish Flats between Sewall’s and Sailfish Point. Seagrass remains bleak after years of discharges from Lake O, and other area canals
St Lucie Inlet opening to the Atlantic Ocean between Sailfish Point and the southern end of St Lucie Inlet State Park on Jupiter Island
Another angle of St Lucie Inlet area
Remnants of once lush sea grass beds off Sewall’s Point
Another angle: Evan’s Crary and Ernest Lyons Bridges on far right
A great shot of the now pathetic seagrass beds. This area was once considered “the most bio-diverse in North America,” with approximately 700 acres of healthy seagrasses in this area between Sewall’s and Sailfish Points

Photo below as a comparison ___________________________________________________________________________

NEVER FORGET! Town of Sewall’s Point, Martin County Florida, 9-2013 surrounded by polluted waters released from Lake Okeechobee. Even the ocean brown! Similar years were 2016 and 2018 both with cyanobacteria blooms along shorelines. This awful sediment, and nutrient filled water is dumped on us by our federal and state government and is a health hazard.

10 thoughts on “Blue Water on Christmas Day, 2018

  1. Glad to read that the new Florida Governor has the money now to purchase the land needed to build the holding lake south of Lake Okeechobee thanks to our new President Trump.
    I have been writing letters to the Editor about that holding Lake for over 30 years asking them to stop to flow going into the Indian and St. Lucie Rivers, but they never had the money to get it from the sugar farmers who are presently using that land to grow sugar and would not give it up. I assume the Government finally got that money for it and are going to do it.
    Thanks to the new Governor, and President Trump, it’s been to long a time, and only they could have got it done. Thank you……

  2. The last 2 days I have been putting sand and shells North of here –near Rocklege—Water is beutifull BROWN . This makes lots of foam on the shore—like it used to be. This brown water is where baby menhadden begin their lives. As long as chemistry is like it used to be on shore everything will be good.

  3. I just came back from Sebastion Inlet. The parking lot was packed. On both jettys everyone was catching fish. Blue fish and drum today –with a few redfish.Our pelicans are fat. Your pelicans maintain eligant composure right up untill they fall in the water dead from starvation.About property values—where would you want to live?

  4. Jacqui , beautiful pictures of our River at it’s best . In your commentary though , I know you just misspoke , most of the water coming into the St Lucie river does not come from Lake O .
    Most of it comes from our own basin . Just wanted to clarify that for your followers .
    Hope you and yours have a Happy New Year !

    1. Misplaced modifier you misunderstood, perhaps: “the toxic-sludge we had to endure ~coming mostly from Lake Okeechobee…” Thanks so much for your input and Happy New Year! The toxic algae was mostly from LO.

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