A Chocolate Ocean; A Black River, A Disgrace, SLR/IRL

Flight over SLR/IRL to view canal C-23, C-24, C-25 and especially present high releases from Lake Okeechobee through C-44 Canal. JTL/EL 10-14-17

Yesterday, I asked Ed to take me up in the plane, once again to document the discharges. In the wake of much rain and an active hurricane season, the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon continues to sacrifice its economy, health, and ecosystem for the EAA and South Florida drainage. A standard operating procedure that is outdated and dangerous.

The discharges from Lake O. have been on and off since Hurricane Irma hit on September 20th. Presently they are “on,” and it shows. Right now our river and ocean shores near the inlet should be at available to boaters, fisher-people, and youth, in”full-turquoise-glory.” Instead, the estuary, beaches, and near offshore is a ghost-town along a chocolate ocean and a black river. The edge of the plume can hardly be distinguished as all is dark, sediment filled waters. A disgrace.

ACOE 10-15-17
10-15-17 Lake O is high. This is a threat to those who live south and around the lake.
South Florida’s southern Everglades, 1850 & today. The water that used to flow south now is sent to the ocean and Gulf of Mexico through canals C-44 (SLR) and C-43.(Cal.) (Map courtesy of SFWMD.)
Image showing drainage of S. Florida through St Lucie and Caloosahatchee rivers. These rivers, that God did not connect to Lake Okeechobee, have been channelized by humans to dump Lake O. This drainage system put in place  in the 1920s does not serve Florida today. Not economically, health wise, or environmentally. We must continue to push to replumb the system the best we can.  (Public image.)

ACOE, Lake O: http://w3.saj.usace.army.mil/h2o/currentLL.shtml
S-308 and S-80 connected to both LO and C-44: http://w3.saj.usace.army.mil/h2o/reports.htm
C-23,(S97) C-24,(S49) C-25 (S99): http://my.sfwmd.gov/portal/pls/portal/realtime.pkg_rr.proc_rr?p_op=FORT_PIERCE

I told Ed it’s best not to smile for this photo. We look forward to seeing the model and timeline from the SFWMD and ACOE for Senator Negron’s reservoir, and the beginning of turning this century old nightmare.


SFWMD basin map for SLR showing canal discharge structures.


10 thoughts on “A Chocolate Ocean; A Black River, A Disgrace, SLR/IRL

  1. I’ve never seen our water quality worse, without an algal bloom. And I don’t recall such complacency among our residents either. Sorry, but too many have seemed to raise the white flag around here this year. Hope I am imagining it.

  2. Ed; there’s nothing to smile about for certain. I suspect that for some of our Northern visitors they assume this is just the color of the water.

  3. Thanks for your work–Ive been introduced by Wayne Mills. I up here working with the BIRLC. Lew in Melbourne.

  4. The only way to change things is STOP voting party lines and get the problems out of congress. I can’t believe Scott got back in office twice. Reap what you sow people. Big money always wins in Government with Rick Scott. Choo CHoo

  5. Our scientest —media —and government say our lagoon is dieng , but the sea turtles, menhadden—and ME say they are lieing.—hey that rymes.

  6. Years back I invested in a publicly traded company called world water and power. I believe they are now a private company called world water and solar technologies. Check out their moble max pure (MMP) system. I invested in this company years back because I believed they were the company that could go into a desaster situation and bring calm out of kaos. These units can purify 3 – 4 thousand gallons of water a day. They also have moble solar power units that could be made to make ice. Right now we are sending millions of plastic water bottles that eventually turn Porta Rico into one big garbage dump. BE PREPARED should have been our governments motto.

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