Todd Thurlow: Time Capsule Flights, Satellite, & NCCOS HAB Images

“Time Capsule Flights,” created by my brother, Todd Thurlow, has been a shared favorite on my blog since 2014. In these remarkable videos, Todd uses his legal and historical knowledge to create a living collage juxtaposing historic and modern-day images to achieve dramatic insights into watershed and land use changes in Florida over the past hundred years. These videos are a must for anyone wishing to understand our state’s history or working to restore its waters and lands in the future. You can access all of Todd’s videos here:




Todd can be reached at Thurlow and Thurlow P.A. in Stuart:

Most recently, my brother has developed an easy way to view hard to find satellite images, along with juxtaposing experimental NOAA true color to NCCOS HAB imagery in order to get an idea of the cyanobacteria levels on Lake Okeechobee that could in turn be send to the St Lucie River.  See link below to view Todd’s website.

screenshot 4.png