Ed’s Aerial Report 33 days after discharges begin 500 cfs, SLR

Documenting the Discharges 2023 -St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon

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ACOE decision to begin lake o discharges to SRL

These aerial photographs were taken by my husband, Ed Lippisch, on Friday, February 24, 2023 around 1:51 pm during high tide. It was a beautiful day and many boats were fishing over the nearshore reefs. The 500 cubic feet per second discharges are much less noticeable at high tide; the visual loss of seagrass remains. I am sharing all photographs -many are very similar, you can look for small differences.

Please see slides from ACOE Periodic Scientist Call on 2-21-23 for updates on Lake Okeechobee level, red tide on west coast, east coast conditions, and other important information. Periodic_Scientists_Call_2023-02-21

With the hot, dry weather the last few days Lake Okeechobee’s evaporation should be high. Today the SFWMD reported the lake at 15.61 feet. You can see the ecological envelope band in gray below.

PSC 2-21-23

On Friday there was a waring from the Martin County Health Department of an algae bloom at  S-308 at Port Mayaca on the canal side as the Department of Environmental Protection reported this observation from 2-22-23.  

Ed and I continue to document the discharges.


13 thoughts on “Ed’s Aerial Report 33 days after discharges begin 500 cfs, SLR

  1. Jacqui, we appreciate your advocacy. What I dont get is why isn’t the EPA taking action about this toilet water being dumped into the Atlantic ocean? How can this be legal T at the local, regional, state, country and international levels?

  2. Hi Jacqui, Friday, I read there is health alert issued due to low levels of toxic algae in the C44 canal while canal water is being discharged into the SLR. What have you heard?

    1. Sorry I did not answer you. I have been sick and plowing through but had not answered my blog comments. Yes there was a bloom reported by ACOE and then the health dept put out a warning for the C-44 canal only. The bloom was under the threshold to be considered toxic but it was a concern. Since this time long time River Warrior Scott Kuhn’s aerial of algae streaking into the S-308 at Port Mayaca has shut the locks. Thank you to the ACOE for checking out the situation.

  3. You and Ed are performing an invaluable service to us all in keeping a laser sharp eye on this travesty. Send the water South!
    Paul Vallier

  4. Would be interested in seeing sea grass annual comparison. Can’t believe nothing is growing in the estuary/inlet.

    1. I agree. Blog post from last year 2022 August show rich sea grass and recall in March it was lighter. When I have time I will see if I can pull these photos out. Thanks for your good idea.

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