Ed’s St. Lucie River Update, January 15, 2023

-Eye in the sky since 2013, Ed Lippisch I am going to keep this blog post short as I already wrote another today. Yesterday, 1-15-23, at around 1:45 pm, Ed took aerials over the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon. As it has been cold and windy the past few days there has been a “Beach Hazards Statement” from the National Weather Service. In Ed’s photos, the rough, turquoise, incoming ocean waters make for a stark contrast against the darker waters of the river. I believe the ocean waters are full of sand and that is what gives the aerials the milky, almost iridescent coloring. Hopefully, the sand is not burying the dormant seagrasses in the Sandbar and Sailfish Flats. Thankfully, there is no dumping from Lake Okeechobee at this time although the river is receiving the other C-Canal water and runoff. I’ll get Ed up in the plane again soon as I have not yet flown in the Van’s RV -and I am not planning on it! 🙂 JTL

SFWMD canal and basin map.

Added 1-18-23. ACOE’s Periodic Scientists Call -Power Point 1-17-23. Periodic_Scientists_Call_2023-01-17

8 thoughts on “Ed’s St. Lucie River Update, January 15, 2023

  1. I was looking for information on the canal and stumbled upon your posts about the history of the “Ditch”. Fascinating, well done and enlightening. I want to thank your mother for saving those documents and you for sharing them. Hopefully your efforts will get congress, the state and the Corps to do the right thing and send the overflow south where it belongs. BTW: the photos are amazing.

    1. Paul thank you so much for writing and I am glad you appreciated the old documents. I really think the culture of ACOE is improving and I know some do read my blog. History helps all. Thanks again.

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