Continue to Call Out the Bad Actors-Toxic Lake Okeechobee Todd Thurlow, 2023-06 Sentinel-2 L2A True color

Jacqui, you spoke for the water, for the water had no tongue. And with faux righteousness, Florida’s leaders attacked you. God forbid you call out the bad actors…” 

“Bad scene this morning, It’s the whole lake covered.” Toxic Lake Okeechobee. Professional pilot Dave Stone 6-24-23 of Ft. Meyers.
“Lake Okeechobee is really lit up around Pahokee.” Ed Lippisch, 6-23-23.


“The cyanobacteria is now on inside of S-308 Port Mayaca, Lake O.” Ed Lippisch 6-23-23.

S-80 St. Luice Locks and Dam C-44 Canal. Discharge of “basin” waters 6-23-23, but no Lake Okeechobee water.
“St Luice Inlet post rains 6-21-23.” Dr. Scott Kuhns


St. Lucie River dark with runoff and C-23, C24, C-44 but no Lake O.


Lake Okeechobee on 6-26-23 is at 14.56 feet TT3

“We will continue to call out the bad actors.” JTL

CSFcanal systems discharges polluted water into SLR. SFWMD
SFWMD 6-20-19


14 thoughts on “Continue to Call Out the Bad Actors-Toxic Lake Okeechobee

  1. “Keep the faith, baby!” Your voice will always matter. TY for your continued vigilance.

  2. Thank you for your post and all the work that you have done for clean water in South Florida!!!

    There is a blessing in disguise. You can now speak openly about the legacy phosphorus in the water column and sediment in Lake O. as well as the need to clean that up!!!

    Despite all the time and money that has & will be spent on CERP, VERY little is & will be done on cleaning up the legacy phosphorus in Lake O.

  3. Water is dirty sewer brown color at my dock. Awful smell. Dolphins have disappeared. I thought they built a reservoir to curb this disgusting canal discharging. It’s no different than having lake o water discharging. Same foul water. It’s unbelievable that they are allowed to keep blatantly polluting our waterways. I can’t wait till they pass the law allowing us to sue for clean water. We need daily water testing in the intracoastal and lagoon with results sent to the EPA.

  4. With all the rainfall, this was expected, but still disappointing. This is why I so strongly support the petition for the Right to Clean Water. Thank you for all your efforts.

  5. As long as we keep sending the same Bad Actors to Tallahassee we will continue to get the same results.30 years of the same people running the State have put us here. There is no enforcement and no penalties for the Bad Actors , only back room deals to study ,kick the can down the road , continue to do the same thing year after year. A lake full of Guacamole isn’t enough for the State to act. Promises made ,but not kept. Throwing money at this is not enough if you’re looking in the wrong direction. WE know what the problems are ,but they’re being ignored.

  6. FYI, the photo was removed in the AM on Jacqui’s last official day, just before she arrived to return her SFWMD computer.

  7. You deserved to be reappointed. And you were by Gov DeSantis. Unfortunately, politics is a dirty business. I note your concern of the condition of Lake Okeechobee. This situation is predictable. Holding the Lake too high sets up a potential disaster for the St Lucie. One moderate storm and the USACE will be forced to dump the algae filled water out the C 43 and C 44. This is exactly what LOSOM will set up every year. Keeping the Lake “too high, too long and too often”. A high Lake kills the cleansing vegetation. A high Lake roils the muck filled with phosphorus and nitrogen. The water column is full of food for a algae bloom. Unless LOSOM is changed to a 16.5 foot top target and the top band narrowed to reflect that change, the ecology of the Lake will be damaged and the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee will suffer the most algae filled discharges ever.

  8. I wasn’t able to read between the line (pictures). Who’s missing in the all photos?

  9. Jacqui thanks for your stalwart, smart and passionate work on the SFWMD Board. The district, Florida, Floridians and all of natural treasures benefits when you are involved. Thanks to you and Ed for all of your efforts. Stay the course. Solidarity y’all

  10. To speak up about the Lake Okeechobee discharges has cost me my integrity, my well being , and my true version of myself as the “bad actors” also pulled a smear campaign on me for standing up for clean water. Yet I refuse to stand down and applaud JTL for speaking up even if it cost her job.
    There are many more of “us” then “them”, as we refuse the alliance of evil and demand clean water.
    John G Heim.
    SWFL Clean Water Movement leader.

  11. Thank you Jacqui & Ed and everyone else for speaking up against those with a blind eye to our natural resources who have an eye for the other “green” ($$$) that continues to sabotage our health and wellness and our environment. Your words, photos, work, and ancestry, are of great pride & value to Us and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Keep it up!
    We got you Jacqui!

  12. Oh my goodness. I hope JTL next voice platform is louder and stronger in the next chapter. Never give up; there are many that you represent!!!

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