2 thoughts on “Comparing and Understanding Fresh Water Plumes, SLR/IRL

  1. Our turkey creek fresh water runoff is ripping out water at a very fast rate. Early this morning I went upstream and was looking under the light at the boat dock. It was solid menhaden minnows. Menhadden minnows start their lives in these fresh water runnoffs.As do Snook—blue crabs and more. But how can any baby creatures live if their is no calcium for their bones to grow. When I was helping building the hospital of tradition blvd in Stuart we dug down about 10 foot and hit a layer of shells It is the same everywhere around here. How I believe all our fresh water runoffs have formed over the years is in places where this layer of shell is most abundant acids react with it until the ground collapses forming a runoff. Not just a runoff but a natural nurseury with an endless supply of calcium for all the baby creatures. What has happened in Stuart is the acids have overwhelmed the calcium–posably from years of burning sugar cain. I suspect that like most rivers over thousnads of years they meander and change course createing new supplys of calcium for all the baby creatures.

  2. It might help understand what is happening a little better if you take a bucket of fine calcium sand and put it anywhere in our lagoon. You should see it immediately turn to liquid and if you put your foot on it you can feel the heat. I think these “blow outs” was what formed our inlets and why they came and went and appeared in different places.

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