ACOE breaks 6000 cubic feet per second, slaughtering the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon

The following is a texting conversation between my brother, Todd, and me, just over an hour ago.  As you can see, Todd keeps me in real-time. Now, I wish to share with you.

Todd: Hi Jacqui, looks like it’s “balls to the wall” —like the old jet fighter saying.
Lake O is at 17 feet and rising…

Jacqui: Holy —! Didn’t Gary Goforth say the max for S-80 is 12,000 CFS? How much is this?

Todd: This is normal high-end. ~4000 cfs. In 2004-2005 it looks like they maxed at 5-6000cfs. I’ll graph against the lake stage.

Jacqui: How do u know it’s 4000? I see nothing posted 4 today on ACOE site.

Todd: My app and links on my website.

Jacqui: Thx that  ACOE Jacksonville Lake O site doesn’t show, will go to

Todd: S-80 hit 6,727 cfs on 10/06/2004. The lake was at 17.86 and rising it peaked at 18.02 on 10/13/04.

Hurricane Jeanne had hit days earlier on Sept. 25

Jacqui: I remember that. Bad.

Todd: Also. The 4000+ right now is instantaneous. The stats you always see are a mean for the day. Right now that are piling between 1000cfs and the high 5000s. It looks like they did almost hit 6000 earlier today.

Pulsing not piling.

Jacqui: Awful. I think it stinks that unless you know how to access all the technology, you  don’t  know the river is getting slaughtered until the following days. A nightmare. Thanks Todd. Goodnight.

8 thoughts on “ACOE breaks 6000 cubic feet per second, slaughtering the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon

  1. Beyond disgusting. Is there any hope that it will ever be resolved before all along the estuary is lost forever. I used to pray for us. Then for our children. THEN for our grandchildren. The pockets are so deep and so full that those who could make a difference and standing with their hands in their pockets.. smiling all the way to the bank.

  2. I wonder if they pulsed in rhythm to the tides so the King Tides would not back up so much..Jacqui, Todd, thank you both for all your hard work. Jacqui, please thank Ed and his flying Buddy for me also.

  3. I am doing all I can here but if I were you I would be putting fine calcium sand just as water entered canal from lake O and shells as water entered lagoon. This would simulate historic conditions and calcium cloride salt should keep shellfish and creatures from dieing. Raiseing the ph before fresh water turns the calcium beachs to liquid. Here green sea turtles broke ALL records for nest this year. Sea turtle nest were about one every 5 foot for 18 miles.

    1. Water so high periwinkle circle neighboring lots were spilling river unto my property. Dangerous conditions on North Sewalls point road as drains were pouring out water unto the roads from river and creating ponds. When traffic went through ponds , heavy blinding water splashing on the drivers windows both lanes creating dangerous driving conditions . Mean while corprate welfare queen Raysa Fanjul making the best dressed list in the about Palm Beaches with $8,000 designer dresses. Do not complain about someone receiving $50.00 in food stamps. We are being treated by the Fanjuls as they treat their workers in the Deminican Republic peons

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