Our Once Beautiful Manatee Pocket, SLR/IRL 2016

Today I will share aerial photos of the Manatee Pocket area around Sandsprit Park taken yesterday by my husband, Ed Lippisch, and a short written update by Dr Gary Goforth dated 6-12-16.

Manatee Pocket lies close to the St Lucie Inlet just across from Sewall’s Point. It once was the mecca for the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon commercial fishing business. The Lake Okeechobee discharges continue having started by the Army Corp of Engineers January 29th of this year and are approaching the level for all of 2013.  Lake Okeechobee yesterday was reported to stand at a very high for this time of year 14.77 feet—-There is no end to discharges in sight for the St Lucie River.  Conditions are very bad and the state and federal government are stuck in a pattern that is  killing our quality of life and economy.

There must be a better way…

For the St. Lucie, the 2016 Lake discharges:
– exceeded 133 billion gallons (compared with 136 billion gallons for 2013)
– dumped more nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment than the “Lost Summer” of 2013
– dirtier than 2013 (higher concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus and suspended sediment)
– have exceeded the nitrogen and phosphorus TMDLs for the C-44 Canal by 600%
For the Caloosahatchee, the 2016 Lake discharges:
– have exceeded 302 billion gallons (compared with 456 billion gallons for 2013)
– are dirtier than they were in 2013 for nitrogen and phosphorus

Gary Goforth, (garygoforth.net), 6-12-16

Photos of SLR at Manatee Pocket, Ed Lippisch, 6-115-16.
Photos of SLR at Manatee Pocket, Ed Lippisch, 6-15-16.

IMG_0561 IMG_0761 IMG_0204 IMG_0660 IMG_0142 IMG_0770



ACOE http://w3.saj.usace.army.mil/h2o/reports.htm

6 thoughts on “Our Once Beautiful Manatee Pocket, SLR/IRL 2016

  1. Striking Contrast; there are lots of better ways. Read Ed Killer’s column in the Stuart News today, 6/16/16. Sadly, it is overshadowed by all the Orlando shooter headlines.

    Mac Stuckey

  2. Good morning Jacqui

    Thank you and Ed for your comments and the aerial photos. Seeing this problem from the air gives it a much better perspective of the water quality.

    I do not live in Martin County but discovered Stuart and the surrounding areas in 2008. I thought I had found paradise. As a lifelong fisherman and one who cares deeply about the environment, I am continually saddened by those that govern who do not see this area for the jewel it is. I am sure that if this type of damage was being done in the keys, heads would roll.

    I have aligned myself with the group Bullsugar.org and have contacted a very popular fishing program “the Florida insider fishing report” by email to question as to their using some air time to promote awareness of this issue. You may be interested in an expose in the Miami New Times magazine, May 26-June 1 edition entitled “Bitter Sweets” written by Bill Kearney. The article enlightens the reader about the struggle between the people of Florida, fishermen and residents on both coasts and their frustration with the Florida government/big sugar which has not done enough to help resolve this disaster. I will be happy to mail you copy.

    This is now a complex issue and fortunately, people like you and Ed do much to keep this issue out in front. I will also be happy to do more towards helping resolve this ecological catastrophe.

    Thank you for your good work,

    Mark Stella


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