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“Don’t Dump On Me,” St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon


Toxic Flag, SLR/IRL 2015.
“Toxic Flag,” SLR/IRL 2015. Yellow represents hope; red represents blood; and blue represents truth.


Toxic algae at S-308, 5-3-15. Photo by Toby Oberdorf.
Toxic algae at S-308 Lake Okeechobee west side of structure. 5-3-15. Photo by Toby Overdorf.
Toxic algae at CS-308, photo by Toby Oberdorf.
Toxic algae at CS-308 on 5-3-15, east side of structure. Photo by Toby Overdorf.
Toxic algae and dead fish. Photo Toby Oberdorf, 5-3-15.
Toxic algae and dead fish also east side of structure. Photo Toby Overdorf, 5-3-15.


I have decided that we need a flag. The first flags were used to assist military co-ordination on battlefields, and flags have since evolved into a general tool for rudimentary signalling and identification, especially in environments where communication is challenging.
Thus, I have created the “Toxic Flag”of the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon.

I would like to thank friend Toby Overdorf and his father for going to Port Mayaca yesterday around 4:30 PM and taking photos of the toxic algae bloom still there at the gates both east and west S-308, Port Mayaca, Lake Okeechobee. I have used one of Toby’s photos to create the flag. A dead fish floats in the toxic bloom that was sent into river this morning at 7AM.

I would also like to thank Even Miller and all those who attended the BUY THE LAND and toxic algae protest yesterday at St Lucie Locks and Dam. Also thank you to Katy Lewey for her rally this morning. It is necessary to make a statement against these toxic discharges.

The “flag” I have created in the first image of this blog post is based on the Gadsden flag, one of the original American flags that in sprite of its many associations stands for every American in that we as Americans are not afraid to fight tyranny. That toxic waters are dumped into the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon is a form of tyranny. It is a practice that is now understood and must be changed.

Below are the webcams as kindly sent by the Army Corp of “Engineers and the Environmental Conditions Report” from the South Florida Water Management District that I could not find the other day. The links to the web cams allow one to see a photo every five minutes from S-80 and S-308. S-308 is at Lake Okeechobee and S-80 is located in the C-44 canal at St Lucie Locks and Dam. I do appreciate these links being sent and I must state that I understand that it is not the individual people of the ACOE and SFWMD that purposefully dump on our waters. It is the bureaucracy of  these institutions that have morphed such over the years that they no longer respond to the people or to the voters. Time for a change.

Fly this flag with pride and remember: “Don’t Dump on Me.”

Gadsden Flag.
Gadsden Flag.

From the ACOE:  As promised, following is the URL’s for Environmental Conditions Report of SFWMD (see right bottom under Operational Reports)


Also the following URL shows Okeechobee spillway cameras



History of the Gadsten Flag: (http://gadsden.info/history.html)

History of Flags: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag)