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Emile Gruppe’s “Clam Diggers” as Shared by the Late Frances Langford, SLR/IRL

"Clam Diggers" Gruppe
“Clam Diggers” Gloucester, MA by Emile Gruppe as shared by Gloria Fike from a Christmas card years ago sent by Frances Langford.

Water…and the gifts of life from the water….

Today I am sharing a beautiful work of art that is connected to our St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon by the late, famous, and long time resident, Frances Langford. She resided most of her life along both rivers’ shores.

Kimberly Falconer is a friend of mine that I grew up with here in Martin County. Kim now lives in Miami as owner of “Ocean Adventures.” After reading my blog post a few weeks back about the famed Gruppe collection of Frances Langford, she wrote:

“—-thought I would share a few images with you. This one is of artist Emile Gruppe’s painting entitled“Clam Diggers Gloucester, MA.” It was reproduced as a Christmas card by Frances. Feel free to use it however you wish. Credit for sharing should go to my mother, Gloria Cabre Fike.” (Kim’s family was great friends with the late Mrs. Langford.)

Today is supposed to bring heavy rains again due to the El Nino conditions. Our St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon will continue to be destroyed by releases from Lake Okeechobee and the area canals. I though this image might be of interest and inspiration and a break from the aerial photos. Think of it as an early Christmas card from Frances Langford.

I think the image says a lot about the intricate relationship between man and water whether it be in Massachusetts or Florida.

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“Indian River Reflections,” SLR/IRL

Indian River Reflections, by Vera Zimmerman, 1987. (Collection of Tom and Sandra Thurlow) JTL, 2015.
“Indian River Reflections,” by Vera Zimmerman, 1987. (Collection of Tom and Sandra Thurlow) JTL, 2015.

Recently at my parents’ home, I noticed a piece of artwork hanging the wall. I had seen it many times, but somehow this time, it looked different. Upon inspecting the title written at the bottom, I noticed that it read: “Indian River Reflections,”  Vera Zimmerman, 1987.

The painting shows a menagerie of people standing by the river, their reflection shining in the shallow waters…

“Mom, tell me about this please. Who are these people?”

“Well these are the many people of the Indian River Lagoon. There are Native Americans, African-Americans,  the Spanish, Jonathan Dickinson,  the cattlemen, the “pioneers…”


My eye kept going to the little girl and the dog…

“Things are different but the same,” I thought.

“Who is Vera Zimmerman, the artist,  again? I know you have told me about her before.”

“She is an artist and an archeologist up in Brevard County…”

My mother left to clear the table and I stood there looking at the sketch…thinking about all of the people who have gone before us…

We too stand on the edge of the Indian River Lagoon, our reflections staring back. I wonder how one day, we will be painted?

Map of Florida's shoreline expanded and contracted over the millennium. BARR MAPS
Map of Florida’s shoreline expanded and contracted over the millennium with various ice ages, rising and falling seas. BARR MAPS

Associations of Vera Zimmerman:



USGS Florida Shoreline: (http://coastal.er.usgs.gov/flash/summary.html)