Kudos to the Young People! “A River Film: Pollution in the St Lucie Estuary,” by Student Geoffrey Smith, SLR/IRL

Cover of video
Cover of video by Geoffrey Smith Jr. See link or image below to access video.

Link to video: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLURypmsHOE&sns=tw)

The most rewarding part of my St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon journey is working with young people. Today I share a video created by Geoffrey Smith Jr., a graduating senior at the Pine School in Hobe Sound.

Many of you may have viewed this video on Facebook as it has been a big hit and already has over 500 views, but in case you are not the “Facebook type, “today,  I am sharing it through my blog. The video production is part of Geoffrey’s Capstone Project for graduation.

I commend Geoffrey for his interest on the topic of water and pollution issues in Florida. His video required many hours and includes interviews those below.  I especially was impressed that Geoffrey interviewed Mr. Sonny Stein, president of Stein Sugar Farms, and multi-generational farmer in the Everglades Agricultural Area. Both sides must always be represented at the table of judgment…

As you will see, Geoffrey also had a chance to interview Michael Grunwald, author of  “The Swamp.”

I know my part chosen for the video is very hard on the agriculture industry…as you’ll hear later, I am doing my best to clean up my own yard…

How does the saying go?

“Shine the light, and the people will find their way….

“Thank you Geoffrey for shining the light, may we all find our way, good luck with graduation this week, and we all look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

Nat Osbourn
Nathaniel  Osborn author of “Oranges and Inlets, An Environmental History of the Indian River Lagoon”
Mark Perry
Mark Perry, Executive Director of Florida Oceanographic
Sonny Stein
Sonny Stein, long time sugar family farmer
Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch
Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch, commissioner, Town of Sewall’s Point, Martin County
Marty Baum
Marty Baum, Indian Riverkeeper
Nic Mader
Nic Mader, Dolphin Ecology Project
Michael Grunwald
Michael Grunwald, author of “The Swamp”
Me and Geoffrey Smith
Geoffrey Smith and I at Town Hall during interview. Geoffrey is a senior at the Pine School.
Roseate Spoonbill...
Roseate Spoonbill…according to Florida Audubon, since the early 1900s, the bird population of Florida’s Everglades is down 95% due to the over-drainage of South Florida and the agriculture and development of the state.

The Pine School: (http://www.thepineschool.org)

10 thoughts on “Kudos to the Young People! “A River Film: Pollution in the St Lucie Estuary,” by Student Geoffrey Smith, SLR/IRL

  1. Your last 2 blogs have spoonbills in them. I have read that the spoonbliil coler is red when it is eating shrimp. From the paintings it is obvious there must have been a lot of shrimp years ago. We have had strong easterly winds for a week now and there are places where jet black muck builds up on the west shore of the lagoon. I knew this was going to happen because it was the same last year.I prepared these spots with sea shells. After muck arrived I put in silty type of calcium sand. Now when you shine a flashlight at night over the top of muck you can see hundreds of little half inch long shrimp jumping. Last night under our 192 causeway shimpers were filling 5 gallon buckets with shrimp. Everbodys trap had at least a gallon of shrimp every time. You could feel the air of excitement.

  2. Hi Jacqui,

    We are launching a brand new site this afternoon and will be working out the kinks.

    I just wanted to let you know as you may not see your articles posted for a couple of days.

    Please send them anyway and I will get them up.

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  3. Excellent film, the editing was spot on. Thank you Geoffrey for your hard work and dedication to this problem. I would strongly encourage you to continue your interest on this timely and important topic. We need more people to see what’s actually happening in our State. Sending billions of gallons to the ocean instead of sending it South is insane. The problem of not having enough water storage south of Lake O. to clean the water and send it south to replenish the aquifers is only going to get worse. We can fix this problem but not without first confronting and changing the current political system, lobbyists and stakeholders who have benefited financially at the expense of the environment.

  4. While they are not dumping water is the time to be putting sea shells—beach sand –and coquina rock in and around all your spillways.When they do dump water the oxygen released in the form of hydrogen peroxide and calcium peroxide will burn up any chemicals and start an army of filter feeders like mussles oysters and clams. To do nothing should be a crime.

  5. 35 years ago my mom went to work for a bank . She had to first take a lie dectector test. We asked the question –have you ever seen a person commit a felony and not say anything— she said NO. The lie dector did not like her answer and the question was refraised and asked in different ways( about 10 times). My mom said whem she got home she thought about it and she had seen people stealing oranges and not said anything. My mom got the job and worked for the bank for 20 years. My point is this—If banks give people lie detector test so they don’t pay people to ROB then is it not fair that taxpers do not pay people to ROB them. 35 years ago computers took up a whole room and now you can put them in your pocket. I am sure lie detectors have come a long way too.I believe fishermen of florida have a right to know what happened to their lagoon.

  6. Newspapers all over the country are in hard compition with the internet –and looseing— They should NOT be used to spred lies by people who have lots of money. Newspaper reporters(and their associates) should also be required to required to take lie dector test.

  7. Jaqui—you said you visited an Indian shell mound right on the lagoons shore. The next time it rains very hard I believe you will see every creature in your lagoon in the water by this shell mound. This is like a calcium oasis in a desert of acid.

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