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Langford’s Landing, Welcome to the New Martin County, SLR/IRL


Today I am sharing photos taken yesterday, 2-8-17,  by my husband, Ed, over Langford’s Landing,  the controversial development along the once high bluff of the St Lucie River located on the northwest border of Sewall’s Point in Rio. Of course this property was the long time home of philanthropist, singer, and movie star, Frances Langford and years after her death, as she wished, those handling her estate put the monies from the sale of this land towards the trust in her name and legacy of giving. Whether the nature-loving long time Martin County resident would have approved of the conditions of the sale, we can only speculate…I know what I think.

Even though the naked property remains visible from the bridges it is nice to see it close up. Thank you Ed for the photos!

As we can see, since December of 2015, all trees have been wiped out, the marina appears completed, the roads are in, the once historic high bluff is now flat and even, and few blades of grass are now visible.

Development full speed ahead!

Welcome to the “new Martin County”…

Former blog on Langford Landing: (https://jacquithurlowlippisch.com/2016/01/21/scraped-and-pillaged-the-former-frances-langford-estate-slrirl/)

Photo montage below; click on image to view.

Frances Langford Property– time capsule flights– 1940, 1974, 1952, 1958…SLR/IRL


Frances Langford poses here with her first husband, Jon Hall.
Frances Langford poses here with her first husband, Jon Hall.

Today I am featuring two more time line videos on Frances Langford’s property created by my brother Todd Thurlow. Through viewing history, we get a better understanding of how we got to where we are today…

Langford Property 1940 to 1974

Langford Property Flyover 1940, 1952 and 1958