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Frances Langford Property– time capsule flights– 1940, 1974, 1952, 1958…SLR/IRL


Frances Langford poses here with her first husband, Jon Hall.
Frances Langford poses here with her first husband, Jon Hall.

Today I am featuring two more time line videos on Frances Langford’s property created by my brother Todd Thurlow. Through viewing history, we get a better understanding of how we got to where we are today…

Langford Property 1940 to 1974

Langford Property Flyover 1940, 1952 and 1958


Topography and Bathymetry–Frances Langford Estate, SLR/IRL


Video Langford Property Topography and Bathymetry (https://youtu.be/ilQQ1VSXpJ0

A fun thing about working on blog posts with my brother, Todd, is that I learn new words like “Bathymetry. ” It is the study of under water depths. Kind of like topography but underwater. Maybe you already knew the word; I did not! He got on this while we were studying the intense clearning of Frances Langford’s property….

Viewing this short video that compares a historic 1883 map with a 2015 Google map, one clearly sees the differences in the depths of the St Lucie River. It appears that in many areas along and just northwest of the peninsula of Sewall’s Point, where Frances Langford’s historic property is located, the river was as deep as 10 to 12 feet. Today depths are closer 7 or 8 feet or shallower. Mostly a build up of muck from 100 years of releases from Lake Okeechobee I would think….

As far as topography, heights on land, “Mount Pisgah” still stands like a sentinel as the highest point as 57 feet. There is where I always picture Black Beard standing when I drive of the bridge….

What an interesting video, for me, it is amazing to think of the surveyors in the 1800s who calculated such with none of today’s technology! Their maps are quite beautiful. I wonder what surveyor will use in the future?


What is Bathymetry, NOAA? (http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/bathymetry.html)
Time Flight Videos: Todd Thurlow: http://www.thurlowpa.com