The Fight For Clean Water, Bullsugar vs. U.S. Sugar Corporation, SLR/IRL

Stuart News ad U.S. Sugar/ Facebook

It’s a fight…so early in the morning?

Yes, this morning was not unlike many others, here in Sewall’s Point, between the St Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon…

I get up, walk down stairs, pour a cup of coffee and ramble out into the darkness of a rising morning. The song of a bird calls through a new day. I am hopeful. I lean down and pick up the Stuart News looking for signs of sunrise east over the Indian River Lagoon. Beauty abides. Once inside, I open the paper looking through every page, and there on the back cover of Section A, yet another full-page ad from U.S. Sugar Corporation entitled “Here are the facts about moving Lake Okeechobee water south.”

U.S. Sugar Corp. Ad Stuart News, 4-7-16
U.S. Sugar Corp. Ad Stuart News, 4-7-16

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“It is unbelievable how much effort U.S. Sugar is making to reframe the Lake Okeechobee discharges issue. “95% of water coming into the lake is from the north”…yes…and what else? Why is it so important for them to push this message here?

Maybe I do know why….

I go to my computer and look at my Facebook news feed. Immediately comes up. Facebook cover 4-7-16


This organization rising out of Martin County ‘s 2013 Lost Summer has gone from 0 to 61,355 friends in really less than a year. Their goal is to send the water south and fight the message that water can’t go south, especially the message of U.S. Sugar Corporation.

Interesting….is one message a reaction to the other or visa vera?

Hundreds, maybe thousands of people will see U.S. Sugar’s ad in the Stuart News today. Hundreds, and maybe thousands of people will see Bullsugar’s active Facebook page today.

One thing is for certain, the Bullsugar advocacy group is gaining strength and sophistication. They may not be able to afford full-page ads in the Stuart News, but by using social media they are giving one of the most powerful corporations in the world a “run for their money.” There is a  momentum across the state for the first time in many years. Fascinating to watch. Sometimes as much as we don’t like to admit it, there’s nothing like a good fight.

6 thoughts on “The Fight For Clean Water, Bullsugar vs. U.S. Sugar Corporation, SLR/IRL

  1. jacqui, i think the flow used to be 100% from up north, no?

    great post today. thanks.



  2. Don’t you imagine the ad was meant to counter the Nat Reed article calling for sugar to clean ALL pollution from the water? And the ad is to indicate they might not need to clean all of it?
    If everyone cleaned their own pollution… What a concept. Of course, many pollute and close shop leaving the mess for us.
    the water needs to be cleaned at the sources and as it flows.
    Removing pollution goes hand in hand with getting water into Everglades. The fish kills, bacteria in swimming spots and algae blooms are the results of pollution.

  3. I have been told by several people that Bullsugar is using a Like Generator App. Unfortunately, those Apps do exist and is hard to prove this is wrong or right.

  4. Please join Bullsugar and let’s give them a run for their money….There are more of us than, them. So let’s get moving on this. Phil Schwartz Caloosahatchee Riverwatch

  5. Jacqui, again as always thanks for your thought provoking posts. Yes, it seems U.S. Sugar is marketing their position more than ever. They know people are getting more educated and are tired of the same old bullsugar. We are just poor farmers isn’t working any more. I know we need farmers to feed us, sugar isn’t food though. We need to stop the subsidy and let them and their Bozos go away. Thanks again and looking forward to when you are a Martin County Commissioner. Another step closer to clean water!

  6. This just boils my blood, Jacqui. I’m going to get national attention on this if it’s the LAST thing I do. I’ve already started. Be prepared.

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