Finding Inspiration in the Face of Destruction, St Luice River/Indian River Lagoon

Sunrise over the St Lucie River by Mr John Whiticar.
Sunrise over the St Lucie River’s Willoughby Creek, by John Whiticar.

Today, I will once again feature the work of local photographer and famous Stuart boat building family member, Mr John Whiticar.  I have shared his gorgeous photographs many times, but this time may be the most important.

This morning, as I walked to the mailbox—- in the darkness of Sewall’s Point—-the peninsula lying between the two massacred rivers of St Lucie and Indian, I saw the “rosy-fingered dawn” rising— silhouetted— against arching gumbo limbo and ancient oaks trees.

I thought to myself, “you know, on this day I shall not share more photos of destruction, but rather the recent sunrise photos of Mr Whiticar…..”

In the face of the present destruction, we will find inspiration for our rivers. We must not despair but be the light for a new generation.

John Whiticar
St Lucie River, John Whiticar.
St Lucie Sunrise, John Whiticar.
St Lucie Sunrise, John Whiticar.
Mangrove Indian River Sunrise, John Whiticar.
Mangrove Indian River Sunrise, John Whiticar.

Mr John Whiticar, Feb 4th, 2016.
“The mangrove island is on the Indian River. The sad part is the water was finally starting to clear up only to get trashed again by new releases from the c-44 canal. The last release was bad but this may be the worst ever. Massive back-pumping to save crops from record-setting rain yields higher amounts of sediments and nutrients.
The second panorama was taken…on the St. Lucie… The location is a few blocks north of the (Whiticar) Boat Yard… sunrise was taken at the Boat Yard on Willoughby Creek.”

Thank you to Mr Whiticar for his beautiful and inspirational photographs and for allowing me to share.

Whiticar Boat Works:

6 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration in the Face of Destruction, St Luice River/Indian River Lagoon

  1. Just amplifies why this is worth fighting to restore, preserve and protect. Thank you, Wayne

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  2. Beautiful pictures, I am not clear on why the back pumping was done yet, having read many accounts. Did you see the video of the vice mayor of Belle Glade? It suggests Belle Glade was flooding?

  3. You might have mentioned that John Whiticar is turning 105 this month which qualifies him as one of Martin County’s oldest residents. (right behind my mother who will be 106 next Thursday)

    Arthur Burr

  4. John is a fantastic photographer; an artist, really. Unfortunately those beautiful sunsets are like flowers on the grave of our Estuary. When are the politicians going to have the guts to face the truth can take the steps to forever end the discharges? Not in our lifetimes apparently. Not the ones we have for sure.

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