Don’t Be Afraid, Be Amazed! Bobcats, St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon

Bobcat, Sewall's Point, 2008. Photo courtesy of Jackie Pearson.
Bobcat, Sewall’s Point, 2008. Photo courtesy of Jackie Pearson.

I have had many phones since 2008. I have dropped them, lost them, and forgotten them…Throughout all of my phones, only one image has graced its screen: the “Bobcat of Sewall’s Point,” by Jackie Pearson.

In this photo, the bobcat, in all its athletic beauty, looks up, as if recognizing a greater power…

In the hectic bustle of my days, I often look to this image as a reminder of what’s important to me.

Today I will share a few other bobcat images I have compiled over the years. If you are lucky enough to see one of these secretive and shy survivors that has adapted to our human world of the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon, don’t be afraid, be amazed!

Sewall's Point bobcat 2008, Jackie Pearson.
Sewall’s Point bobcat 2008, Jackie Pearson.
Bobcat up in oak tree, Sewall's Point, 2010, Beverly Beavis Jones.
Bobcat up in oak tree, Sewall’s Point, 2010, Beverly Beavis Jones.
Domestic cat juxtaposed to wild bob cat--drinking from my mother's bird bath,. Sandy Thurlow, 2012.
Domestic cat juxtaposed to wild bob cat–drinking from my mother’s bird bath, Sewall’s Point. Sandy Thurlow, 2012.


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7 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid, Be Amazed! Bobcats, St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon

  1. This is REALLY cool Jacqui! I had no idea you all had bobcats! If you’ll indulge me I’ll share my bobcat story with you next week (no photos ☹). Jon

  2. Great story and great Pictures! We love bobcats and saw one about 4 wks ago run through our back yard and hadn’t spotted one for few years so was really excited! My mom and dad who have lived on Sewalls point have spotted many over the years and back 50 years ago there used to be a black panther we used to spot quite a bit! Thank you for sharing your stories and pictures! Joan Eubank

  3. I remember as a kid in Palm City. When the horses were disturbed and running and loud at night, my Dad would show us the bobcat , and once or twice a panther tracks in the dirt the next day. I guess most of them just go a
    farther west as we develope more and more. A lot are still definitely around though ! And so are the hogs, eh ? ☺️

  4. Bobcat reminds me of the Jerry Clower story where Jerry and his buddy went drinking and hunten. They wounded a bobcat that ran up a tree. Jerrys buddy said bobcats are just like a big old housecat so go on up in that tree and get him while I finish my beer. Jerry did—- bobcat would scream and Jerry would scream—bobcat would scream and jerry would scream. After a couple of minutes of this Jerry buddy yelled—-JERRY–WHAT DO I DO? Jerry yelled back —just shoot up here amongst us—one of us has got to have some relief

  5. I have a similar ‘cat’ story — and this one is for sure true. When the Challenger blew up they were going to build an Advanced Solid Rocket Moter(ASRM) near Iuka Mississippi. I lived in a cabin by Pickwick Lake. One day I came home and their was a mouse right in the middle of my carport. The next week the same thing happened. Finaly a black and white tom cat came up and adopted me, He had a totally wild brother that hung around, After 2 years I had to move to Atlanta so I left a 100$ bill on my cats collar with a note asking to please feed me while I was gone . A year later I came back and asked the guy who lived there if he had seen my cat with the money I left on his collar. He said yes he saw the 100$ bill and grabbed the cat and it clawed him from head to toe and he never did get the money. I felt like saying did you get your hundred dollars worth but I held back, he did say his wife befriended the cat and got the money

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