Florida Water, A Thing of the Past? SLR/IRL

My mother gave me a late birthday present: antique post cards and a bottle once filled with “Florida Water,” a popular tonic sold for health and beauty around the world. Believe it or not, “Florida Water” is still selling across the globe, and has been since 1808 ~for 210 years!

It was poignant to receive such a rare and special gift from my mother because if Murray & Landman began marketing Florida water today, the product would not be so romantic; in fact, the branding  would more look like war.

“Florida Water,” a thing of the past?

Not if we fight to win.

TCPalm reporter Tyler Treadway holds a container of Florida Water in July 2018, Photo by John Moran
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5 thoughts on “Florida Water, A Thing of the Past? SLR/IRL

  1. What a shame, Ecosphere Technologies has the ability to clean the lake, I have sent emails to Tyler and posted here before, to let them clean the lake before discharge , continue a cleanup until permanent solution found. They also have nano size fertilizer technology that is enviro friendly, (fish dying from algae pollution) . DEP said ET were sending toxins in the air, yet not one problem from people who jumped in the water after cleaning, to this day we read about people getting sic and breathing problems from algae. I think we can confirm Ecosphere was a solution not a problem.
    I feel for the folks and businesses down south, who must smell and see this everyday and lose income, we have a possible solution, even if temporary in their own back yard and no one contacts them. Hppe the best for those in South Florida.

  2. Ironic that one of Florida’s most celebrated resources and it’s celebrated ecosystem was first viewed as both a scouge to future development, and precious at the same time.

    On a grand scale it was seen as both a problem (something to be drained and manipulated for the “good” of the inhabitants) and yet, something so precious and unique, existing nowhere else in the world.
    Manifest Destiny be dammed!

  3. let me suggest buying activated carbon air conditioning filters to remove all toxins from the air

  4. Instead of letting county taxes pay for stadiums and special interest, put it to use for cleaning up our waterways and beaches, protect natural resources that provide Floridia most valuable assets and revenue.

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