Martin Health Systems/Martin Systems Auxiliary, “Speaking Up” for the Health of the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon

Martin Health Systems, formerly known as Martin Memorial Hospital, sits on the St Lucie River. (Public photo.)
Martin Health Systems, formerly known as Martin Memorial Hospital, sits on the St Lucie River in Stuart, Florida. (Public photo.)
Martin Memorial Hospital, ca. 1940s. Photo courtesy of Sandra Thurlow's presentation at Stuart Heritage 2014.
Martin Memorial Hospital, ca. 1940s. Photo courtesy of Sandra Thurlow’s presentation at Stuart Heritage 2014.

Martin Health Systems has sat like a sentinel along the St Lucie River for 75 years….Doctors, nurses, administrators, employees, and patients have over the years watched the degradation of health of Martin County’s beautiful river along with its once remarkable fish and wildlife.

But today, the hospital’s voice is getting louder as they “speak up” for the river and its health. (

In 2014, Robert Lord, a long time attorney for the organization, was a featured speaker at the “Clean Water Rally” sharing his memories of growing up in Stuart and enjoying its waters. Rob made a public call to push for clean water  to our state legislature on behalf of Martin Health Systems. A huge step in our river movement!

Rob Lord, 2014, Photo JRL.
Rob Lord speaks at the Clean Water Rally, Phipps Park, St Lucie Lock and Dam, 2014, Photo JTL.

This year, since mid-March, the Martin Systems  Auxiliary will pass out a total of 450 “River Kidz Second Edition Workbooks,” featuring Marty the Manatee to children that come into the hospital for emergencies or alongside family. Yes, that’s 450 workbooks, and they plan on passing out more! (

Mr Bill Michaud, president,  has been a champion for children and for our river. I thank him and all members of the Auxiliary. At this time, I would like to include a portion of a letter written to me:


…Martin Health employs 3,600 local folks and the Auxiliary peaks in Season around 900 serving three hospitals, Emergency Center, and 59 other assorted medical related offices. I feel that our influence would be strongest with middle age children in educating them to the realities of current and future conditions thusly our placement of River Kidz in the areas where they would have greatest access…We share River Kidz’ goals and stand willing to help in any way that we can. With your group’s permission we would like to mention our participation in the River Kidz program in our April edition of Martin Health Systems Auxiliary Highlight’s magazine… “—–Mr Bill Michaud, President MHS Aux, 3-6-15.

(“River Kidz 2nd Ed. Workbook:”

Just incredible!

MMH Auxiliary chair, Barbara Bush, and Bill Michaud, president. (Photo Martin Health Systems Auxiliary, 2015.)
MS Auxiliary chair, Barbara Bush with  Bill Michaud, president, displaying River Kidz workbooks. (Photo Martin Health Systems Auxiliary, 2015.)
CEO MMHS Mark Robitaille, 2015.
CEO MHS Mark Robitaille, 2015.

Most recently, in an article by Darcy Flierl in “Luminaries,” about the “Dirty River Keeper Jam” this Saturday at Terra Fermata, Mark Robitaille, president and chief executive officer, stated: “We are concerned about the destruction of our estuaries and its diverse marine ecosystems. As a health care system, we are also deeply worried about the impact to the health of our community.”

Wow! Thank you Mr Robitaille!

Martin Health Systems and Jensen Beach Plumbing come together May 30th from noon to 11PM to host Martin County’s first “Dirty River Jam” to benefit Mr Marty Baum, our Indiana Riverkeeper. For information call 772-486-9109. Hope to see you there!

We all know It’s time for our state legislature, our federal government, and our all of local politicians, to be brave and put laws in place to stop the feeding of toxic algae blooms (Cyanobacteria) in Lake Okeechobee and thus our local waterways, as well as overcoming the difficulties of cleaning, storing, and sending water south to the Everglades, through the sugar-lands, to alleviate the burden of destruction of the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon. Martin Health Systems will help make this happen; they carry a lot of weight.

Dirty River Jam
Dirty River Jam!


I must note my sister, Jenny Flaugh, has worked for MHS for over 16 years and her husband Mike is involved with the event! Thank you all who are involved.

Video of Robert Lord speaking at the Clean Water Rally, 2014, by Keri West: (



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  1. Jacqui,Have you talked to them about the Economic Council’s push to finish projects instead of buying land?They are a platinum member of the Ec. Council.Their influence might be felt.So far Chuck CGiardia, Ec Council CEO, is not budging from the Tom McNicholas position that we should not consider bying land south of the Lake for twenty years while we finish C44 and other projects. It would be great if MMH could convince them to back Negron’s proposal to put %000 million of Amendment 1 money into land acquisition.If they can’t convince the Ec Council, it might be possible to make an independent statement without getting into a fight with the Ec Council. Something like: “Recognizing that when we have found a new site for a reservoir south of the Lake, we will need funding for land acquisition, we urge the legislature to follow Sen. negron’s lead to set aside %000 million of Amendment 1 revenues foer statewide land acquisition.”

    Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 14:02:30 +0000 To:

  2. Awesome job with your blog! I love this one in particular as I have worked for Martin for 6 years and my mom for 16. I think their support is going to be crucial in the political arena.

  3. I am sure Martin Health Center is very familure with the powerful germ killing ability of hydrogen peroxide –H2O2— but I wonder if they realize the same process that creates hydrogen peroxide and calcium peroxide on our beachs used to happen on the shore of our lagoon? Being a welder I have seen how swimming in our ocean can heal burns fast ,that would otherwise take a long time.Not until recently did I realize what was happening.

  4. When I helped build the hospital on Tradition Blvd(by 1-95 in Stuart). they had what they called a recovery chiller. The drawing had it piped up wrong but it was obvious what the engineers intentions were.I talked with my superviser and we made the changes. I have helped build many hospitals and have allway thought it was such a big waste of energy to have boilers running and air condition running at the same time, I think hospitals all over the country should take a close look at this system.Thanks for putting up with me even though I am sure we a different oppinions.

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