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Taking the Emotion out of “Clewiston”-UF’s Natural Resources Leadership Institute, SLR/IRL

Clewiston, Scott Kuhns 2013.
Clewiston, Scott Kuhns 2013.
Lake Okeechobee. Google maps as shown in our UF'S NRLI packet.
A developed Lake Okeechobee. Clewiston and the EAA lie south of the lake. Google maps.

I am part of Class VX for the University of Florida’s Natural Resources Leadership Institute. It has been an incredible journey, and I have learned so much. It has been both exhausting and rewarding. As I am on the campaign trail running for Martin County Commissioner, and a sitting commissioner for the Town of Sewall’s Point, leaving for three to four days every month is difficult. When I get home I am behind and worried I will not meet my fundraising and outreach goals for the month….My husband, Ed,  has been supportive, but it is an additional challenge for our family balance and my responsibilities.

Last year Ed and I really talked it through. “Go!” He said.

“You need to learn what they are teaching, Jacqui. You need to learn how to take out the emotion and deal with these political issues objectively…”

Hmmmmm? OK.

And I have been learning….

I have been learning “leadership.” I have been reading. I have been building relationships with others in agencies and government positions across our state. I have been practicing… And most important, I am learning to apply a “framework for understanding conflict,” to resolve conflict together–collaboratively.

—-I keep my notes on my dresser and look at them every morning. Recently, it has all has begun to make sense.

My notes summary notes from the NRLI program.
My notes summary notes from the NRLI program.

This journey to study some of Florida’s top resource conflicts began almost one year ago and reads like a “Who’s Who”of Florida issues: Titusville, NASA: Indian River Lagoon–Space Port in National Wildlife Refuge; Apalachicola, Water Wars/Dying Historic Oyster Industry; Silver Springs, Aquifer Recharge/Springs Health; Jacksonville, Wildland Interface (where the state burns wooded areas within feet of people’s homes due to rampant development); Key Largo, Sea Level Rise; Crystal River, Manatees/Endangered Species, Recreation/Protections;  and finally our last stop tomorrow before graduation in April: Clewiston, Agriculture South of Lake Okeechobee….

I have been to Clewiston before, but that was a few years ago to protest at the “Sugarland Rally.” Remember the Sugarland Rally that statewide paddle-boarder Justin Riney organized during the “Lost Summer of 2013?” When the St Lucie and Indian River Lagoon were toxic for three months with overflow waters of Lake Okeechobee?

The red colored blocks south of Lake O. are the EAA-700,000 acres of sugar lands and vegetables. South of the EAA are the STAs and water conservation areas .(SFWMD map, 2012.)
The red colored blocks south of Lake O. are the EAA-700,000 acres of sugar lands and vegetables. South of the EAA are the STAs and water conservation areas .(SFWMD map, 2012.)

This time I will visit not to protest but to study the situation objectively using my new tools. It’s of kind of ironic that Clewiston is my last stop, isn’t it?  The final test. My class will be meeting with stakeholders and touring US Sugar Corporation’s headquarters in Clewiston.


I am excited to learn. I am excited to see it up close and hear their side of the story on their home turf. To be fair, this is a historic issue. But whether I can take the emotion out of it or not….that I’ll have to let you know.

Sugarland Rally, Clewiston 2013.
Speaking at the Sugarland Rally, Clewiston 2013.
….Clewiston’s Sugarland Rally, 2013.
.....Mayor Roland
…..with Mayor Phillip Roland of Clewiston, 2013.


2016 with Class VX NRLI.
2016 with Class VX NRLI. Learning skills to deal with conflict. My classmates are from all over the state. It is a great group!

Read more about UF’s NRLI or apply at : http://nrli.ifas.ufl.edu

Clewiston: http://www.clewiston-fl.gov

US Sugar Corporation:http://www.ussugar.com