6 thoughts on “Learning to Deal with Conflict ~in Clewiston, UF NRLI

  1. “conflict” is an unbelievably great topic. A rudimentary understanding of it’s effects on how we got here, never-mind how we will get out, is key and I applaud you willingness to put ‘continuing education’ an your priority list.

  2. Hello Jacqui, maybe you can help me understand where the water is coming from? In Wabasso to VLE Fl. there are canals that go under 85th st and dump into the head water of the St Sebastian River which then dumps into the Lagoon.It is very hard to see them entering the St Sebastian River, it is not accessible and a lot of trees.These canals flow  from the grid of canals to the South.They run parallel from the south. one in particular water levels go from flooding the bank to way down the muddy banks in a course of any given day. even through out all drought periods. It flows from the south through the farms and by some mines. It runs along 619. Are they pumping this up fro Okeechobee as a way of dispersing the water. it sure doesn’t seem natural we know they can pump water any where they want.This head water should be the spots for testing waters .I am sure the politician would not go for it. The human sewage waste being spread over the farms would show up, among all other forms of chemicals. Thank you for everything you do. Michael

    1. Dear Michael, thanks so much for your great question. I am not super familiar with drainage in the old stick marsh area- headwaters of the St John’s River or the roads you site; however, I would think it has to do with C-54: http://www.fellsmerewatercontroldistrict.com/main-canal—c54.html
      I do not think any lake o water is being sent up that way- but rather your area suffers from massive biosolids application, but thankfully this is starting to be addressed. If you are really brave you could call the St Johns Water Managemet District and push them until they give you an answer. I had aspirations once of documenting every canal in Florida and its destruction. This would be so valuable to all. Thank you for putting the idea back on my head. ~Jacqui

  3. It is better to be an enimy of America than a friend because if you are an enimy they will try to buy you and if you are a friend they will sell you (out).This is what the muslem world thinks of us. Andrew Jackson was a president who dealt with conflect—It is interesting to look on google– Andrew Jacksons top 25 quotes and see how they pertain to America today.

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