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Original Palm Beach County Map Included Today’s Martin County…Yikes! St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon

Atlas of Florida Growers, 1909- original map of  Palm Beach County. (History of Martin County, 2nd. Ed 1998.)
“Atlas of Florida Growers,” 1909- original map of Palm Beach County. (History of Martin County, 2nd. Ed 1998.)

Looking at this old 1909, original, Palm Beach County map, the book, “The History of Martin County” states:

“…extending from Stuart on the north line to a line three miles south of Pompano Beach was Palm Beach County.”

It continues: “The southerly ten miles was subtracted and included in the creation of Broward County in 1915, and in 1925, the northerly seventeen ┬ámiles was lost to Martin County.”

It is interesting to think that “we,” Martin County, were once a part of Palm Beach County that is so different from us today in terms of land development and water theory.

In 1909, the C-44, or St Lucie Canal, had not been connected to the South Fork of the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon. What a paradise it must have been! Oh the fishing and wildlife!

Original Palm Beach Map, 1909.
Original Palm Beach Map, 1909.

Nonetheless, no matter what “county” one was in, people were draining the land and altering the fishing and wildlife….that is what has led us to where we are today. “White”settlers lived along the New River Canal, the canal second from the west on this map, as early as 1830s. 185 years!

Knowing our history, allows us to change our future. Knowing we were once part of something many of us now separate ourselves from brings perspective….

An interesting document to peruse regarding this situation is by the South Florida Water Management District entitled “Canals in South Florida.”

As we fight for a better water future, the more we know, the further we will go! Take a look and enjoy.