The Destruction of a Pirate’s Ancient Riverside Bluff–Langford Landing, SLR/IRL

Langford Landing
Langford Landing  4-13-16, Ed Lippisch.

Today I wanted to get caught up on Langford Landing, the 53 acre property along the St Lucie River that I have written about before. This property used to belong to the late, great Frances Langford.

As time goes on, from the air, we can see that development seems to be “coming along…”

Months ago, when I first called and asked about the property, I was told that the high bluff along the river would not be flattened as rumored by some residents of Sewall’s Point–that “the elevation was why the property was so valuable.”

I guess I did not ask the right questions, because although it was not flattened, it certainly has been altered.

Ancient lore states that in the early days of the Spanish’s exploration, Don Pedro, the famed “black-beard” pirate, sat drinking wine along this bluff to watch for approaching ships. Now it is fitted and flattened for houses of a subdivision.

I think I rather it be fit for a pirate. How about you?

All photos taken by Ed Lippisch on 4-13–16.

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9 thoughts on “The Destruction of a Pirate’s Ancient Riverside Bluff–Langford Landing, SLR/IRL

  1. I drove past here the other day and was heartsick at the destruction of a once beautiful property. The native fauna is now scattered and the landscape scarred. I think Ms. Langford would be appalled.

  2. This makes me spitting mad. This should have never been done. Frankly, every time I drive by there I’m ashamed at what the county has allowed to happen. I am disgusted at the people who signed off on this project. I would love to know if any of them actually READ the entire plan, or just looked greedily at the property tax income the county would get from allowing more overpriced, fake “Mediterranean-style” housing to be built. I had family visiting last week, and took them to the Savannas State Preserve, Indian Riverside Park, US Sailing Center, and Florida Oceanographic Society. I spent a lot of time showing them all of the great things about Martin County and talking about how we embrace preservation and smart growth. But then, when I drove by Langford’s, I was silently hoping they would not look over that way and see the massive destruction of what used to be such a cool place. What’s being done there is absolutely not what Martin County is about, and I had no idea how I would explain to my visitors about the huge piles of dirt. I am angry, sad and disgusted at these photos. I am angry, sad and disgusted at the developer getting permission to move all the gopher tortoises that lived here away, and then scraping every single living thing down to the dirt and grinding it up…and then on top of that bulldozing the bluff, something that was absolutely unique. This kind of development turns what’s special about our county into more of the same stupid kind of garbage that’s being built all over South Florida. To this project, I say “never again”…we should never again allow something like this to happen.

  3. Land Pirates is more like it; the Foundation should have thought to put some restrictions on the sale to protect the ancient trees which have now been lost forever.

  4. I live only 1 mile down the road and it’s heartbreaking to drive by everyday. It’s totally destroyed.

  5. What a shame. More evidence that the only thing (even local people) care about is money and greed for more money!

  6. What a shame. It’s just more proof that the only think (even local people) care about is money and greed for more money.

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