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Cusp Anastasia, Final Full Moon Rise of 2020

Cusp Anastasia, eve of Final Full Moon Rise, 2020. Photos JTL

Is it a moonscape? Perhaps a foreign land? Another planet? No, these sunset-moonrise pictures are of  the backbone of the the Atlantic Ridge, also known as the Anastasia Formation. This ancient coral rock lines much of Florida’s east coast and is dramatically revealed along the ocean shoreline of south Hutchinson Island, Martin County, Florida.

The photos are taken with an iPhone and untouched. During the golden-hour the rock reveals a warm, rich palate absorbing and reflecting the ocean and sky’s stunning sun and moonlight.

Although these  photographs were taken on the eve of the full moon, December, 28, tonight may be even more beautiful as the last full moon of 2020 will rise this evening, December 29, 2020.

It is said that “Anastasia” is a Greek name with roots in the word “resurrection.” For me, especially with a year like 2020, I am thankful for the beauty of Nature that gives opportunity to be reborn.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2021.

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Pink Moon Flight

Apparently a “pink moon” is just nickname from folklore for the first full moon of Spring, but yesterday evening  the pink moon was real. My husband, Ed, convinced me to go up in the airplane to watch the moon rise over the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon. It was April 8, 2020, one day after full. “It is still supposed to be pink,” Ed said smiling…
Though a beautiful night flight, it was very hazy and there was no moon to see. All was dark over the Atlantic Ocean. Just when we had given up, turning around to land, there it was! Not just a moon. But a completely pink moon! The atmospheric conditions must have been right. Mesmerized, I have never seen anything like it in my life.
I texted the whole family to make sure they ran out to see. My mother wrote” “Wow, I’m glad I came out to the intersection.” My brother Todd Thurlow, took wonderful pictures along the St Lucie River in North River Shores, and my sister, Jenny Flaugh, shot from Indialucie, Sewall’s Point. 
~I noticed that as the moon rose it turned  from rose to orange…so pretty. 
 ~It was an amazing night, a pink moon flight!






When the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon becomes a Highwayman….

Moon over the Indian River Lagoon, by Highwayman, Livingston Roberts,1975.
Moon over the “St Lucie River Bend,” by Highwayman, Livingston Roberts, categorized in 1975.

Last night, you may have seen it? The Indian River Lagoon region became a Highwayman painting…

In early evening, the full moon rose like a  wise old sentinel, slowly,  beautifully, magically bathing our world in a light belonging only  to dreams and to fairy tales…

Moon through the giant oak tree at my parents house, 11-6-14. (Photo Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch)
Moon through the giant oak tree at my parent’s house, Sewall’s Point, 11-6-14. (Photo Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch.)

In my younger years, my Grandfather Henderson gave me a Highwayman painting by Livingston Roberts. It is a moonscape and when the moon is not out, I look to it for the same inspiration as I felt last night. It is the painting at the top of this blog post.

As shared on the Highwaymen website, Livingston Roberts, the painter of my piece, belonged to the Highwaymen group, an association of young African-American artists that functioned in 1950s and beyond in Ft Pierce, Florida. The Highwaymen artists specialized in painting Florida landscapes in a recognizable and flamboyant style.

Because they were black,  it was not possible for them to sell their paintings in art galleries and shows, so they were selling them right from the backs of their cars and trucks. That is how they gained their name – “Highwaymen.”

If you have not discovered the Highwaymen, please visit the Bean Backus Museum in Ft Pierce.

Mr Backus taught Alfred Hair, the group’s founding painter and businessman. Artist, Mr Bean Backus, the father of impressionist natural-landscapes of our region and world renowned, welcomed the young black artists into his studio during a time of great prejudice. This kindness opened a whole new world for the young artists and a new light shone on Ft Pierce….

Like the moon, the story of the Highwaymen is one of a great inspiration.

My niece Evie "holding the moon..." (Photo by Jenny Flaugh, 2012.)
My niece Evie “holding the moon…” (Photo by Jenny Flaugh, 2012.)


The Highwaymen: (http://www.floridahighwaymenartist.com/)

A.E. Bean Backus Gallery, Ft Pierce : (http://backusgallery.com)


The two painting below were shared by Ann Benedetti. The first is by Highwaymen artist Harold Newton and the second is by Highwaymen founder, Alfred Hair. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous paintings Ann!







Highwaymen painting shared by Ann Benedetti,. This is shy Alfred Hair, the founder of the Highwaymen. 141113_0003