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Love, Along the Indian River Lagoon…

Indian Riverkeeper, Marty Baum and River Warrior, Robin Pittman were wed December 20th, 2014, at Jensen Beach Christian Church, in Jensen, along the Indian River Lagoon.
Indian Riverkeeper, Marty Baum, and River Warrior, Robin Pittman, were wed December 20th, 2014, at Jensen Beach Christian Church, in Jensen, along the Indian River Lagoon. (Photo by Keri West, Keri West Studios, 2014)
Congregation Union Church 1912
The Congregational Union Church’s lands were a gift of the Tilton family; the church was built in 1912. (Photo courtesy of historian Sandra Henderson Thurlow’s book , “Jensen and Eden on Florida’s Indian River.”)

Recently, the 1912 Jensen Congregational Union Church was the fabulous setting for a very special day. –A day of marriage, for Indian Riverkeeper, Marty Baum, and his beautiful bride, River Warrior, Robin Pittman.

The quaint, lagoon, pioneer-church, that saw so much happiness this day, has known many names, and many faces throughout its many years: 1912, Congregation Union Church; 1933, Jensen Community Church; and 1969, Jensen Beach Christian Church.

It has been a sanctuary along the Indian River Lagoon for 102 years…

Love is Spoken Here hangs above the door of the old church.
“Love is Spoken Here” hangs above the door of the historic church. The bell is rung to announce the marriage! (Photo Keri West.)

The 2014 ceremony was a real “tear jerker.” The entire River Warrior community came together to make this union happen for Marty and Robin. –The perfect sanctuary; bright, beautiful flowers; fashionable hair styling; sumptuous food;  decorations; a classic wedding dress; river invitations; bubbles to blow; a guest book; a river cake; and at the end of the day, pink rose petals on the bed of a romantic river cottage….

Photographer, Keri West and videographer, Kenny Hinkle Jr. documented the entire event; eloquent organizer, and preacher for the occasion, Jo Neeson, led the ceremony with many, many others giving their support.

At one point, the Reverend Guy Calvert  looked upon the congregation stating:

“The church welcomes the River Warriors to this house…”

I sat between my parents and my husband, fighting back every tear. Thankfully, Gayle Ryan had knowingly handed me a Kleenex on the way inside.

I sat there thinking about my own marriage, and about how at the end of our life journey, love is really all we have to take with us.

“To find love along the Indian River Lagoon, I thought….this is wonderful…”

At the pulpit with Rev.
At the pulpit with Rev.Guy Calvert. (Photo courtesy of Rebecca Fatzinger.)

As Marty and Robin said their vows, I felt a deep sense of history, and how the Indian River has always brought people together, in fact for hundreds of years.

—The river is in us; it is us, and we are her…

It was a beautiful ceremony and I am thankful to have been there. Through the love of Marty and Robin, may the “living waters” of the Indian River Lagoon flow, renewed, once again for all of us….

The pews of the church were given by Henry Flagler.
The pews of the church were given by Henry Flagler.
Congregation welcomes Mr and Mrs Marry Baum!
Wedding Song, Peter, Paul and Mary
Wedding Song, by Peter, Paul and Mary and sung by the congregation.
Organ also from Mr Henry Flagler.
Historic organ,  also from Mr Henry Flagler.
A happy day!
A happy day!


Please support our Indian Riverkeeper, Mr Marty Baum: (http://www.indianriverkeeper.org/index.html)

LOVE TO VOTE, St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon


Because  I was born in 1964, I am  a child of the 1960s and 70s.

The first time I saw this VOTE sign above it struck a deep chord as I remembered having had the LOVE blocks based on Robert Indianan’s giant art piece on my desk a young person. There is a connection I thought…


LOVE by Robert Indiana

You may not approve of all who win or lose tomorrow. But be a part of the process: CARE, VOTE, LOVE, for the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon and for the future.


List of Florida’s governors: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Florida)

History of voting rights in the US: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voting_rights_in_the_United_States)