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IRL Economic Valuation Update 2016, TCRPC, SLR/IRL



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Today I will share the “Indian River Lagoon Economic Valuation Update 2016” as presented ┬áby the Treasure Coast Region Planning Council on July 15, 2016.

Links are provided for full review; as an overview, the conclusion states:

“This economic valuation update is not a status report of the IRL’s environmental health or how to address human related impacts affecting its long-term sustainability. The report simply serves to measure the economic value the IRL region stands to lose if it does not eliminate regional and local environmental inputs that are degrading the health and productivity of this estuary of national significance…the health and sustainability of the IRL will be a key determinant in the future of the region’s economy, public health and other natural, cultural, and societal values that are collectively worth far more than what has been quantified in this report.”

Power Point Presentation: http://www.tcrpc.org/council_meetings/2016/July2016/Final_Reports/CEDS%20Committee%20Update2.pdf

Final Report: http://www.tcrpc.org/special_projects/IRL_Econ_Valu/IRL%20Economic%20Valuation%20Update%20Final%20Report%2006-24-2016.pdf

Packet information, summary first page: http://www.tcrpc.org/council_meetings/2016/July2016/Final_Reports/11_IRLValuation.pdf


TCRPC, Micheal Busha, Ex. Director. 2016 Michael Davis, chair: JTL ,vice -chair, http://www.tcrpc.org

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