Oh Beautiful Panther! Something to Dream About, SLR/IRL

This photo of a panther in Sebring was recently shared by a friend. I do hope this magnificent creature has visited western Martin County. Since late October, it has certainly made the rounds. Males roam hundreds of miles, a female less, but easily could cover ground between almost neighboring Martin and Highlands counties.

Can you imagine trying to navigate today’s world? Freeways, subdivisions, fences, shopping malls, the great forests gone…Canals cutting the lands and watersheds apart?

Over 34 panthers were killed on Florida highways in 2016, and at least 23 in 2017. With an estimated 230 in the total population, those are terrible numbers. We must work harder to complete wildlife corridors across the state to allow these animals to breed and travel into north Florida and Georgia. Being stuck in South Florida is a radio-collared death wish.

If this panther does visit Martin County, we’ll probably never know it; though large they are smart to be very, very, shy.

I must say, lately I’ve been hearing rumors of panthers (yes, a pair) in Martin County near Highway 96 out by South Fork, but no photos yet…

Thank God there is something left to run wild in the world; ๐Ÿ˜Š it gives me something to dream about.


How to report a panther sighting, FWC: https://public.myfwc.com/hsc/panthersightings/Default.aspx


Death reports Nov 2017 https://www.naplesnews.com/story/news/environment/2017/11/28/florida-panther-hit-killed-vehicle-lee-county/900626001/


5 thoughts on “Oh Beautiful Panther! Something to Dream About, SLR/IRL

  1. I road down I-95 at night and there are many dear feeding on the side of the highway. This is because the grass is loaded with calcium from the calcium roadbed. This calcium rich grass is like a deer magnet throughout Florida and the country. If you pour viniger on it you will see it foams up. Wildlife corridors are not going to change this hard fact.

  2. Tell me about it. I am now 60. Going back to where I once helped build Coral Springs hospital is like going back in time. To me this place is like hell. The next job after coral springs was in West Palm Beach(St.Marys hospital) what made this job differant was I put my boat in a marina near Lantana. I colld leave all the endless crowds of people and in an hour be out on the quit blue ocean. Like going from hell to heaven. I do not think women will ever understand the affection us guys have for our boat motors. When you hear that— veroom—it means no–you are not going to be lost at sea but your going home. It still stinks that they destroyed the EVENRUDE–lancaster house

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