Twilight Flight Over the St Lucie River, SLR/IRL

Last night’s twilight flight was a first for me, but not for my husband Ed. Usually, we fly in daylight chasing algae blooms or black Lake Okeechobee water…

Last night was just for fun, but one still feels the pull to protect this sacred place.

The beauty of the lands lighting up beneath us was almost as inspiring as the sunset. Humanity, such promise.

We do live in a beautiful place. A place to protect and call home…

10 thoughts on “Twilight Flight Over the St Lucie River, SLR/IRL

  1. WOW!! Fantastic! I love picking out places that are recognizable from the air and as the lights are coming on. Mesmerizing to be up there I bet. Thank you so much for these great photos.

  2. Martin Heath’s north hospital is easily recognized amid all of the lights. I think of the dramas being played out inside of it while it is surrounded by beauty and twilight fades. Thank you for sharing your just-for-fun flight.

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