Aerials of Our Rain Stained Lagoon, SLR/IRL

Recently, it seems to rain almost every day!

TCPalm’s Elliott Jones reported this morning that Stuart has received a whopping 11.30 inches of rain just so far this month! (The average being 7.14.)

Although due to the recent drought, the ACOE/SFWMD are not dumping Lake Okeechobee through Canal C-44, canals C-23, C-24, C-25, and areas along C-44, as well as our own basin, are draining right into the St Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon. Very little of this water is cleansed before it enters and thus is damaging to the eco system. Next time you see water draining through a grate in a parking lot, think about this. Remember too that before the major canals were constructed the 1900s, the river received less than half the water it gets every time it rains today.

SLR at “Hell’s Gate” looking at Sewall’s Point, Sailfish Point and the St Luice Inlet
photo drainage basin
Drainage changes to the SLR. Green is the original watershed. Yellow and pink have been added since ca.1920. (St Lucie River Initiative’s Report to Congress 1994.)

The aerials below were taken 6-13-17 by my husband Ed Lippisch and pilot Dave Stone. It is important to monitor the river all of the time so we can view changes.

“Rain stained” we are; please remember not to fertilize during the rainy season. The birds on Bird Island will appreciate it! (


TC Palm, Elliott Jones, 6-19-17
Bird Island, IRL east of Sewall’s Point
Bird Island
IRL St Lucie Inlet and Sailfish Point
Sailfish Flats, IRL
Crossroads, confluence SLR/IRL off Sewall’s Point
Spoil Island off Sailfish, bird also roosting here!
Sick looking seagrass beds in IRL looking south towards Jupiter Narrows
SL Inlet near Sailfish Point, no black plume but darker colored waters
Jupiter Island’s state park at St Lucie Inlet
Sailfish Point
St Lucie Inlet looking south
inlet again
Clear ocean water at jetty, St Lucie Inlet
Looking back to St Lucie Inlet mixed colored waters but not black as with Lake O water releases
St Lucie Inlet between Jupiter Island’s state park and Sailfish Point
inlet again
Looking north to SL Inlet
Hutchinson Island and Sailfish Flats in IRL. Sewall’s Point in distance.
Parts of the Savannas near Jensen , IRL and Hutchinson Island in distance
Savannas State Preserve Park

Canals draining water into SLR/IRL after rain events:





3 thoughts on “Aerials of Our Rain Stained Lagoon, SLR/IRL

  1. You failed to mention that C-44 is still being, as you put it, “dumped” into Lake Okeechobee. You failed to mention that C-44 water is not “treated” before it is “dumped” into Lake Okeechobee. You fail to mention all of living from Orlando south were “dumped” into a man made system and it is up to ALL of us from Orlando south to clean our own water before we “dump” it somewhere. Oh, you forgot to mention, according to the Corp of Engineers site, that as of today C-44 is “dumping” the most water into Lake O (a negative number means the water is flowing backwards into Lake O). So when the water from Lake O needs to go east or south don’t blame those of us who live south of Lake O for the huge amount of water C-44 has/is dumping into Lake O.

    1. Dear Ardis Hammock, I sense you are upset and I do understand. It is terrible all this pollution. Last week, I did write a blog about the C-44 going back into Lake O. I try to keep blogs relatively at a single subject this is best. Please know, I don’t blame you for anything. I am a student of history and a teacher. People interpret as they may; and you too will interpret as you may… I am dedicated to replumbing the entire system for all of us. Thank you for your comment and the blog about backwards running c-44 is below.

  2. Snook spon in August. I believe they probably time this event to the fresh water runoffs this time of year. When I put my fine sand and shell up these rivers and runoffs it simulates the historic conditions that existed when these rivers were created. .

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