Black Bobcat Hit by Car in Sebring; Please Drive with Care! SLR/IRL



The photo below of was shared by my friend, and UF NRLI class member, Florida Wildlife Commission, senior wildlife biologist, Angeline Scotten. Angeline was recently called to Sebring, located northwest of Lake Okeechobee, to identify an unusual and beautiful canine hit by car, a black bobcat. Black bobcats, more properly called “melanistic,” are often reported as “black panthers.”

Melanism, like albinism, is a rare genetic trait that few are able to witness…in the photo below we can see the cat’s unique coloring in the sunlight.

This remarkable creature is one of thousands of animals killed on Florida’s highways every year. I am posting this photo in hopes that by seeing it, somehow it may will help save the life of another. Please drive carefully looking out for bobcats and the rest of God’s creatures!

Melanistic bobcat hit by car in Sebring, Fl. Photo shared by FWC’s Angeline Scotten 2/17.

*Thank you to Angeline Scotten for sharing this photograph.


[mel-uh-niz-uh m]
Zoology. the condition in which an unusually high concentration of melanin occurs in the skin, plumage, or pelage of an animal.

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7 thoughts on “Black Bobcat Hit by Car in Sebring; Please Drive with Care! SLR/IRL

  1. What an amazing animal and the special coloration makes it even more so. So saddened to have yet another car vs wildlife episode end tragically. Jacqui – truly enjoy your honesty and truth blog. Keep it up.

  2. We have a small melnistic bobcat new to our neighborhood. He or she is trapped within a 5 acre area. Yea, it could leave, but hasn’t. Think somehow it ventured here down one of the canals and is now boxed in.
    Wish someone can save it before it gets hit by a car. Several neighbots have seen it several times.
    772-985-4586.. Barry for directions into Paar estate on Gettysburg drive.

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