Blood in the Water, Senate Bill 10, SLR/IRL

Shark feeding frenzy,  public image.

The time is now to fight for President Joe Negron’s Senate Bill 10 to purchase land in the EAA for a reservoir to offset the sometimes toxic, and always damaging, discharges from Lake Okeechobee. The powers that be know the bill is taking some hard hits. They smell blood in the water. Like sharks going in for the kill they are coming from every direction. Just remember, in many instances during a feeding frenzy, sharks turn on each other. So not being a shark myself, I say, “let the games begin…”

Some Major Groups Working Against Negron’s Senate Bill 10.

1. Stand Up For North Florida

2. Sugar Labor Management Committee
(US Sugar, Fanjul Corp.) (see letter at end of article)

2. Martin County Economic Council “Finish the Projects”

Resignation of long time member and co-founder, Bud Jordan, citing USSC influence:

3. Pro development, Martin County Commissioner, Doug Smith, only commissioner to vote against SB 10.

16 County Summit represents agricultural interests and will be hosted by MCBOCC:

4. Lake Okeechobee Regional Compact division of Florida Regional Compact:

5. Glades Lives Matter advocacy group of United States Sugar Corporation

6. Senator Simmons Senate Bill 816 proposing to Raise the Level in Lake Okeechobee. (Destroying the ecosystem around Lake O is not the answer)

7. South Florida Water Management District

8. “Save Our Farms/Stop the Lies”

9. “Florida Sugarcane Farmers,” a consortium of U.S. Sugar Corp., Florida Crystals and the Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida, ran ad arguing against Senate President Joe Negron’s proposal to buy 60,000 acres in the EAA, by Tyler Treadway

Great White Shark, public image.
Cartoon Andy Marlette, News Journal published in TCPalm.

4 thoughts on “Blood in the Water, Senate Bill 10, SLR/IRL

  1. Jacqui,

    May I send this to Rep. Brian Mast. I have a scheduled meeting with him on the discharges from the lake. Your summary of people /organizations against Sen. Negron’s might be useful to him. JL Gilio


  2. Don’t forget Rep. Matt Caldwell (big sugar) phone number 850 717 5079 leave a message and have him call you back as he is one of the top dogs up in Tall. Please do not think your input will not count as it will. So call don’t email, personally talk with these ” so called” representatives of WE THE PEOPLE.

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