The River Warrior Plane

The little yellow cub-the River Warrior
The little yellow cub-the River Warrior

On any given day around Stuart, you may hear the buzz of the engine overhead, or see the unmistakeable bright yellow plane fly past; many know the plane as the “River Warrior.”

This plane  is one I never  thought I would fly in,  as I do not like to fly.  In fact, when up in personal aircraft, belonging to my my husband, I am usually saying the Lord’s Prayer and preparing for my death as he rolls his eyes at me. But last summer, the day came when I knew I did not have a choice, that fear had to take a back seat. I knew in an instant that I had to overcome my insecurities, for the benefit of the river.

Then from May, through October 2013 , Ed and I started going up every Saturday, rain or shine and taking photos of the destruction of the St Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon, due to the Lake Okeechobee releases  and C-23, C-24 and C-25 as well. These photos have been shared on Facebook, gone to many state agencies and politicians, have been shared with children in classrooms, and more.

Ed and his friend Scott Kuhns have also  photographed “The River Beach Protest,” “Hands Across the Lagoon,” “Blessing of the Fleet and River,” and other river events. If you would like your pro-river event photographed just  email Today, Ed and I  still go up after big rains or just for fun to spot migrating sharks, turtles, manatees, schools of fish, birds, and dolphins.

I do believe the photos of the river’s destruction, and the ones we will take in the future, made, and will make, a  huge difference, in educating, and showing the river’s health, destruction and importance in our lives.

I wouldn’t say I have overcome my fears, and every time we are up there, I  am praying that if something happens we live; but I am grateful  to the little yellow plane for giving me wings to see and to share.  Next time you see it from afar,  please wave and say to yourself, the little yellow “River Warrior….” and if you don’t mind, go ahead, just in case, and say a prayer for me…

4 thoughts on “The River Warrior Plane

  1. I love seeing that shining yellow plane in the sky – thanks for looking out for us! I am sure it will make a difference…..

  2. Our fears are moderated by what is important. Great job! If not for your photos, we would not have the level of awareness that is now present. We could only hope that these photos would be the last.

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