Willoughby Creek/Canal Runoff, Stuart

Warner Creek and surrounding runoff into the St Lucie River Indian River Lagoon 2-2-14
Willoughby Creek’s surrounding runoff into St Lucie River/ Indian River Lagoon 2-2-14

Dark waters stained from deteriorating vegetation and full of sediment, phosphorus, fertilizer, pesticides, pet waste and other pollutants seep out into the the St Lucie River from Willoughby Creek in Stuart near St Lucie Boulvard and Indian Street.  After hard rains last week the runoff makes its way to the Indian River Lagoon and St Lucie River. Dirty waters are also rounding the corner here at Hell’s Gate, shown in this photo, from “up stream” at C-44,  C-23 and C-24 canals. This is basin water runoff, not from Lake Okeechobee. One notices the runoff more  as one approaches the St Lucie Inlet, as the incoming ocean waters are bluer and cleaner. During this photo, it was an incoming tide. Lake Okeechobee is not being released into the C-44 canal/SLR at this time. As you can see, even without Lake Okeechobee we are killing the river all by ourselves.  Nonetheless, the last thing we need is releases from Lake Okeechobee during the summer rainy season. Please be vocal to our local state and US delegation in letting  them know “clean water is business” in Florida.  We expect them to vote for policies in favor of the SLR/IRL. As  for ourselves, let’s start doing our own part by slowly removing  turf grass in our yards and replacing it with native and Florida Friendly plantings and thus stop throwing pollutants on our lawns as in the end, all water runs to the river…

Willoughby Creek runoff
Willoughby Creek runoff 2-2-14. Hell’s Gate and Sewall’s Point in view, Hutchinson Island and Ernie Lyon’s Bridge in the distance.

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