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Tomorrow’s Public Educational Forum, Be an Educated Voter Along the Indian River Lagoon

Be an Educated Voter
Be an Educated Voter…

If there is one thing that government likes best, it’s an uneducated public. It is so-o-o-o much easier for the government to “do its job,” if no one knows what’s going on…

The best tool to fight being taken advantage of as a citizen, is to educate yourself. I have watched this at work over the past three years with the Indian River Lagoon. Through social media, the Stuart News, and other sources the public has become VERY educated on St Lucie/Indian River Lagoon issues and thus our Florida state legislators and even the governor could no longer ignore us. We even educated our children thorough the River Kidz…..

An educated public is a very threatening thing to the status quo….

My friend Scott Dudley at the Florida League of Cities said it best:

“The power of the government is derived from the consent of the governed. Consent can be granted through apathy or approval…”

I invite everyone, of all cities and counties, to continue their education tomorrow in my hometown of  Sewall’s Point.

Tomorrow we will fight apathy and share opinions in a public forum. Please join us tomorrow, October 16th, from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Sewall’s Point Town Hall, located at 1 South Sewall’s Point Road. Richard Geisinger will present along with others on behalf of the Martin County Taxpayers Association. Richard is a Sewall’s Point resident of many years, whose family goes back to our early days.  He is an amazingly dedicated servant for the public and truly cares.

Topics covered will be:

1. The Water and Land Legacy Amendment, known as: Amendment 1.

2. The Proposed 1 Cent Sales Tax Referendum for Martin County and local municipalities.

3. The Children’s Services Council Reauthorization that is on the ballot this year, its first in many.

4. An All-Aboard Florida update.

Even if you already “know” how you are going to vote on these issues, please attend.

In historical times the Town Hall gathering was a time when the people would come together and discuss TOGETHER proposed ideas and laws that would affect their town. We rarely have this kind of discussion any more and that is a great loss. In spite of technology the best way to communicate is “face to face,” “person to person.” Communication experts explain that 85 percent of communication is non-verbal. The important nonverbal element is often missed today as we often do not communicate face to face…

Town Hall gatherings are also fun. They make you feel American! Involved! Educated! Non Apathetic!

Please come out and learn. Come out and share. See what others are thinking and tell others what you are thinking yourself.

We don’t always have to agree but should all fight apathy and work hard at being  informed because then we are less likely for our government to run us over with a train…

Hope to see you there. 🙂


Martin County Tax Payers Association: (http://mctaxpayers.org)

Town of Sewall’s Point: (http://sewallspoint.org)