Ed’s Flyover-Chokoloskee-one of the most interesting places in the world

Hello everybody. My husband Ed brought these photos home on February 11, 2023, taken around 12:41pm. Some of the aerials are amazing! They include the woods surrounding Everglades City and Everglades National Park in Collier County. The most striking to me, besides the unusual shapes included in 10,000 Islands, is Chokoloskee, basically the Nettles Island of the Everglades. It is certainly one of the most interesting looking places in the world. Thankfully the land around Chokoloskee was made into a National Park in 1947 or who knows what it would look like today!

-Chokoloskee is connected to Everglades City by a causeway in Chokoloskee Bay. Here, fresh water running off the land meets salt water. The Gulf of Mexico is only separated by a puzzle of beautiful islands in this remarkable place. -Chokoloskee

Google maps showing ret dot where Chokolosekee is located in reference to South Florida.
Flight Aware – Ed’s flight path

15 thoughts on “Ed’s Flyover-Chokoloskee-one of the most interesting places in the world

  1. Great pics! It’s really special to see this from the air. I have kayaked the area and need to get back down there again.

      1. Yep, it’s the mangroves. I’ve been to all of the places in the pics. Breath taking. Let’s keep it quiet. Don’t want too much traffic.😎

  2. Beautiful and wild country and waters. I hope it stays that way forever. From the air it looks even more wild than in a boat. Thanks for sharing Ed and Jacqui.

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