Lake Okeechobee Satellite Images 1982-2018, Todd Thurlow, SLR/IRL


In my last post, I shared my brother Todd Thurlow’s “Lake Okeechobee Satellite Images 1972-2013.” Today, I am sharing his Lake Okeechobee Satellite Images 1982-2018.


In 1972, I was 8 years old…

In 1982, I was 18 years old…

A lot changes in ten years, and an extra-lot changes in the 100 years we have not taken good care of our state’s largest lake; this is now affecting millions of people and the remaining wildlife we have left.

Todd told me he did not “create by hand,” as I alluded to in my last post, but rather he used a USGS website tool to do it, and then converted, and loaded to YouTube, embed, etc.

In the last video the emphasis was on an a visible algae bloom in 1979, in this “video” the dates of algae blooms are not marked, but you can see clearly blooms towards the end as we reach 2018.

Unless something drastic occurs structurally, socially, and politically, I am sorry to say that we are doomed to have more and more algae blooms in the future.

#VoteWater #MakeAllPoliticiansTalkWaterAlltheTime


Sentinel-2 L1C, True color on 2018-07-15.jpg 1,673×1,674 pixels,

Also see Todd website for updated satellite images he makes easy to access for all to see:

Previous blog 1972-2013:

~“The consequences of ignoring ecological planning and environmental protection could be economically devastating in a way not commonly foreseen.” Environments of South Florida Present and Past, by Patrick J. Gleason 1974.

5 thoughts on “Lake Okeechobee Satellite Images 1982-2018, Todd Thurlow, SLR/IRL

  1. Today I watched 5 baby manitess swiming around what I believe was 2 moms and 2 one year olds. They were doing nothing more than enjoying life. The babys were between 3 and 4 foot long. Can manitees have twins? I sure saw one mom with a baby on either side. I believe after all the smoke settles from algae drama being played out that people will come to their senses and realize they need to look at things the way our lagoon has been for thousands of years. Algae is not the death of the lagoon but the milk that feeds all the creatures—directly or indirectly. Algae grows on calcium sand and this is what all the creatures need for their bones and shells to grow.

  2. If you search on google—-Florida cancer clusters the silence of the state—-you will see some alarming evidence and I assure you this is NOT the half of it. Brevard County commissioners are digging wells to test water at 9000$ a well –probably to get the screaming out of their ears. When I left from Fort Worth in dade county to come home this week the local paper said the same thing about a school down there which has prompted me to write about this one more time. First I believe TOXIC algae is a deception and NOT the truth. .The toxins mixed in with and absorbed by the algae are from years of spraying posions in the water. When calcium sand enters the water and reacts with the acids on the bottom it releases oxygen that activates the dormant posions. Calcium carbonates symbal is CaCo3. The Co2 bubbles go into the air and the O1 into the water making H2O2. All these schools have retention ponds by them and I would love to go and put fine calcium sand in them to activate posions so they would break down but if I did this an army of trucks would spray posions to kill algae that would surely grow defeating the purpose of putting the sand in.What causes schools retention ponds ground water to seep into the resivor is water being pumped around retention pond to do things like water grass.Cancer is the number one killer of kids—-maby you can exsplain this to the 2 schools so calcium can be put in retention ponds without city spraying more posions in.

  3. I think our state gov believes you just cant spray enough poison. Even now I am sure they are spraying all they can to kill “toxic”algae in lake O.

  4. “Unless something drastic occurs structurally, socially, and politically…”

    I believe the “occurrence” will utimately come from the water (‘s) itself, not unlike the Cuyahoga River fire in 1969.
    Nature just is, thank God. She is an apolitical entity, not a stakeholder or special interest. Powerful but not greedy, and will take just so much.

    1. There is a drastic crisis in the waterways of Florida–Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, rivers, forks of rivers, lakes, lagoons, ponds, green/blue algae blooms from dumping toxic water from Lake Okeechobee through a canal and locks system. The waters flowed years ago naturally to the south toward the Everglades. Since the US Army Corp of Engineers designed dams of dug canals and locks to let water flow, waters now flow east and west instead.

      Manatees are an endangered and beloved species related to the elephant. Slow moving and docile, they prefer warm lagoons and feed mainly on seagrass or bottom grasses. I think they birth one (1) calf at a time. You may have seen a little family or two (2) feeding together.

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