The Politics of Algae, “God Save the Queen,” SLR/IRL

Present Lake O algae bloom, as first publicly reported June 2nd, has grown to approximately 253 square miles. Although larger, this bloom appears less dense from space than either the June 24th or July 2nd 2016 images –  that measured approximately 239 square miles. Image courtesy of Todd Thurlow, 6-20-18. See other satellite images here:

The algae in Lake Okeechobee is Mother Nature’s political checkmate, the time in chess in which the King cannot escape…

Thank you to Department of Environmental Protection Secretary, Noah Valenstein, whose Emergency Order directed by Governor Rick Scott, announced yesterday,  will implement an array of new actions to move more clean water south into the conservation areas and away from the estuaries.

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Make no mistake about it, this order happened due to Mother Nature’s “check.” The algae in Lake Okeechobee is exploding at record speed – see above image from yesterday, 6-20-18.

Sending algae that is potentially toxic to the communities of the St Lucie River and the Caloosahatchee is political suicide even for the Army Corp, an entity that is basically untouchable, like a King.

But since the state is legally in charge of water quality, not the Corp, the order comes from Florida’s Executive Branch as they, became aware of the seriousness of the problem. The Corp has reported they were lessening discharge amount anyway, however, they did not recognize the health threat of the algae…

Nobody wants to purposefully poison the estuaries, but the Federal Government and the State of Florida does when algae, potentially toxic, is sent through gates connected to Lake Okeechobee. We are all in a difficult situation, a chess game whose rules are outdated and were created years ago…

And even if there is “limited capacity” to move water south, it can be done. “Something” is “everything” in this water game of chess. We must take what we can get, check the King, and then go back for more – the goal to close the gates forever. “Checkmate.”

In my opinion, this emergency order is a real move that will send more water south and help reinforce a “send water south,” political culture that all Florida must embrace!

God Save the Queen, our one and only, “Mother-Nature.”

(I have updated this post due to spelling errors, etc.. 6-24-18. Sorry. I, like everyone, am exhausted. JTL)


[/caption]June 21, 2018 PRESS RELEASE SFWMD

SFWMD Takes Additional Action to Send Water South Under Direction of Gov. Rick Scott; Issuance of Emergency Order
~District measures underway to help lower water levels, reduce need for Lake Okeechobee releases to northern estuaries:

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9 thoughts on “The Politics of Algae, “God Save the Queen,” SLR/IRL

  1. This plan will definitely help our estuaries, however the Saint Lucie does need an adequate supply of fresh water. Knowing how important water is we must not forget that there are places in the u.s. that is water deplete. We must be able to manage our water supply at both ends.

    R/Mark Woodruff
    U.S. Army (ret)
    Geographical Information
    Systems Professional

    1. Mark, the St. Lucie needs not ONE DROP of Lake O fresh water. Not one. Years ago, it was not connected to the Lake. It’s the Lake water that murders this place.

  2. Haha…in London now..just saw some pillows and stickers that said the same thing!!!

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  3. The citizens of Florida did not put raw sewage on farmers land —why should they spend one tax dollar to clean it up? I am glad someone put calcium sand in their sewage and exsposed what they have been doing for a long time. For some people it is just a game but for others it is their lives and livelyhood.

  4. Do we have ANY honest unbiased media in this country? Right now it is in the papers all over America how President trump separated a few kids from their familys when they broke the law and sneeked into this country. I think this was all staged. ALL of the illeagles I have talked to come alone with the sole purpose of sending money out of the country where it has more value. Our country has 4% of the worlds population and 25% of the worlds prisoners. Almost every time an American breaks the law and sent to prison children are torn apart from their mothers and fathers—where is the media coverage there?

  5. I have been trying to get the media here to tell the truth of how to put the shells back on shore where they were taken from for years now and have seen how they put a spin on everything.I don’t think they are capable of telling the truth about anything.

  6. Yesterday I visited the flea market off 95 at the end of Sarno road. I stopped at a booth that had carveings of speackald trout., sea turtles ,and all the many creatures of our Indian River Lagoon. The carveings were not that good but you could tell they were created with love. I asked the guy if he liked to fish? He said he was a commercial fisherman but—– I said you know there is no calcium in the lagoon anymore. Thats why the creatures are all gone. If you pour viniger on the sand in the lagoon you will not see one bubble.. If you pour viniger on the sand on the beach it will foam up.Take the sand from the beach and put it in the lagoon and all the creatures will come back. He said did I just hear what I think I heard—-I gave him a paper to read. The bible teaches the FEAR of GOD is the beginning of wisdom. Maby all of our generation that has destroyed this earth and its creatures should have a little more fear.

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