Algae Pouring into St Lucie; Shut the Locks, please! SLR/IRL

Taken this morning, 6-19-18, at St Lucie Locks and Dam, Mr. Greg Langowski, Regional Director for U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, has perfectly documented by video what is happening….

~The algae from Lake Okeechobee, and whatever else is now in the C-44 canal since the ACOE started discharging from Lake Okeechobee on June 1st, is clearly, – like an endless line of green ooze – getting sucked into the backside gates at St Lucie Locks and Dam, only to be spit in aerated form out the other side into the St Lucie River – where it will later re-congeal possibly into toxic gatherings.

Talk about throwing your trash over the fence….

Thank you Greg for this video, and hopefully the ACOE, The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the SFWMD, and the Department of Water Quality and Best Management Practices of the Department of Agriculture will see and then visit themselves.

Shut the gates please!


8 thoughts on “Algae Pouring into St Lucie; Shut the Locks, please! SLR/IRL

  1. It is appalling that this continues when everyone knows about the problem and can see it for themselves .

    1. How did it work??? It is clear that the algae is being aerated here at the locks. If Ecosphere wasn’t a publicity stunt, Brian Mast would be ALL OVER IT. Their Ozonix® could save the world…and they could clean the muck at the bottom of Lake O. Everything on their website is PHOTOSHOPPED. THEY DON’T EVEN ANSWER THEIR PHONE. 772.287.4846

  2. If our congressmen and senators can’t have the gates closed
    who is really running this place?????????

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