Masses of Algae Pressing the Gates; Will ACOE Discharge Tomorrow? SLR/IRL

6-24-18, (Sunday)

I am posting this, not because I want to but because I have to. I much rather be enjoying the day instead of once again sitting at my computer. But time is of the essence.

This morning I read a comment by TcPalm reporter, Ed Killer, on Facebook stating the ACOE’s pulse release schedule for the St Lucie River.

Ed KillerThe Corps gave me this today

Sat- 0
Sun- 0
Mon- 1270 cfs
Tues- 2000
Wed- 2100
Thu- 1650

If this is true, and with Ed Killer posting, I believe it is, the ACOE will start releasing again Monday, 6-25-18. I did not know this until I read his post.

Today, my husband Ed and I were flying other people over Florida as usual, and during our flight I took this video expecting maybe some algae in C-44 but instead also found the gigantic bloom against the gates of S-308 in Lake Okeechobee leading into C-44/SLR.

So I wrote on Facebook:

I am so over this, but cannot fail to report. According to Ed Killer ACOE will start discharging from Lake O tomorrow in spite of Governor’s Emergency Order. Look at this algae mess waiting at gates of Port Mayaca. Write ACOE’s LTC Jennifer Reynolds and politely ask for ACOE to wait and to have DEP test again: (JTL-S-308 video taken 6-24-15 at 12pm) #toxic2018

As Monday is tomorrow, and I fly to DC with the River Kidz tomorrow, I am posting this now. I truly believe considering the circumstances, that the ACOE should refrain from discharging at S-308 or S-80. And the state’s FDEP (Florida Department of Environmental Protection) should have this water tested, again, as bloom has changed.

To just dump this on the people of Martin County along the St Lucie River is a crime.




The recognizable shape of S-308 the entrance to C-44 and the SLR. Lake O’s connection to the river—obvious massive algae bloom at gates.
Bloom as satellites show is throughout and scattered in lake. This shot is looking more towards middle of lake in southern area.

Entrance to Caloosahatchee on west side of lake and near Clewiston Bloom is all through lake.

15 thoughts on “Masses of Algae Pressing the Gates; Will ACOE Discharge Tomorrow? SLR/IRL

  1. Oh My God! They might as well call it germ warfare. This release of algae-laden water into our waterways is as bad as what evil dictators do by gassing their own people in foreign countries.

  2. Jacqui, First, thank you for all your hard work, commitment and vision.

    Second, why can’t we litigate? Get Lake O declared a superfund? Unify all those great people like yourself, Larry Brand, John Cassani, etc. to get behind a GIANT lawsuit? I want to help you. I am sure there are THOUSANDS who feel the same.


    Louise Kowitch

      1. I wonder what the process was for cleaning up #Hudsonriver and #lovecanal. If they can do it there we can do it here. #ErinBrockovich stuck up for her community like you are doing for us. Thank God. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

  3. It would be a crime if a private citizen did it, but it is our own government doing it to us. Maybe Stuart should change its name to Flint.

  4. The inmates are truly running the asylum and to hell with the residents of the state of Florida and the Southern half of the state of Florida it self.

    When will the ACOE and the South Florida Water Management district have to answer for their arrogance and complete disregard for the East and West coast of Florida, the Everglades and the fresh water supplies of Miami – Dade, Florida Bay and the Florida Keys. This is a criminal offense – lock them up.

    Eddie Wightman
    Islamorada, Florida

  5. Standing up for what is right does wear a person down in many ways. Good luck in DC. We are all with you.

  6. This is going to be like in 2016.
    Even last year was bad.
    I moved to Alva about 6 years ago and we didn’t at 1st have these problems until a few years ago. 2 years ago it was so bad that they came out and sprayed something on the algae because you could practically walk across the water from the thick green suffocating Algae Bloom that was sickening.
    I’m just waiting for them to post the sign again saying that we cannot enjoy our Waters because they are toxic again this year during the 4th of July holiday.😡
    Thank you Governor Rick Scott and all those behind you. Once you have a real nice so when in my canal and in the river as well. While you’re at it take a swim off of Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island with all the Dead Fish on the beach and flooding in the water.

  7. Penny— There are hundreds of people makeing a living spraying poison on everybodys lawn where you live. More people spray herbicides in all your canals. In the summer rains hit the sizleing hot roads and all the oxygen is removed then it all goes into the lagoon preserved in acid. Our lagoon’s shores were self cleaning but when they removed the shell to pave roads it changed the chemistry. Our lagoon was the same here but now you can not pick up a hand full of sand and not find a live coquina clam. These clams filter the water to where it is sparkling clean. Don’t be discouraged—same thing could be happening there

  8. Jacqui—-when you said someone really exsperianced and smart will know. I hope you do not mean collage educated. It is a bunch of collage educated people who have spun a complex web of lies that has put us where we are today. The hard facts are all the shell was removed from the shore of the IRL to pave roads and make concrete. It does not take a rocket scientest to know that you just need to PUT IT BACK.

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