6 thoughts on “Jupiter to Lake Worth, A Most Arduous Trip

  1. Notice the lack of foam on the shores allso menhaden churn water behind pileings feeding on algae and desolved oxygen from acid reacting with barnacals. No birds? Lagoon is dead.

  2. The very best time to put calcium sand in is right before a hurricane.All the toxic crap really works its way to shore as the barometric pressure drops. Exsplosive wave action oxidizes chemicals instead of just activateing them.

  3. Just came back from creek where I have been putting calcium in. Mom manatees are packing in. I wonder if they smell the calcium for their babies and are bringiong them to it like they did in turkey creek last year. Moms all had boat slices (on their backs)from joy riders in the lagoon.

  4. Oh, Jacqui ~ Your reports are dazzling. Thank you for turning back the clock to harken to the days of Mr. Spencer. Once I read “*the October trip to be the worst of the year”,* I knew it would be an adventure.

    His missive is both educational and inspirational; if only young men would read the accounts that gentlemen of Spencer’s day chronicled. Life itself was arduous, indeed…what character-building to spark a youngun’s heart !

    I can only imagine that boys of today would benefit from tales that men of the past encountered: gales and sails and hurricane autumns; lighthouse keepers and boat-hands, dingies, desolation and determination. I, for one, am happy he did not push on to Miami. Reading to the end, it almost sounds like he was apologizing for not persevering. Thankfully, the payroll was signed. * ; }*

    Did you know there is a two-page document at the Chicago History Museum dated February 24, 1863 in manuscript form ? It is *signed by members of the Chicago Bar, recommending Champlin H. Spencer (there could be no other) for an appointment to one of the Territorial offices of Arizona; he is an able lawyer, an honest, loyal, and highly esteemed citizen. Signatures include Francis C. Sherman, mayor of Chicago, and thirty other government officials and lawyers.*

    How about that ? Since I’m from Chicago, I love knowing he has the connection (I hope). Found online: https://explore.chicagocollections.org/marcxml/chicagohistory/30/639mj8z/

    Thank you for sharing your modern-day adventure. ~ ♥ Debra M.

    On Sun, Aug 25, 2019 at 8:27 PM Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch wrote:

    > Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch posted: “Background: Time Capsule Flight: Jupiter > to Lake Worth Haulover Canal, by Todd Thurlow https://youtu.be/2pDsQl7rQmQ > Recently, my husband Ed and I guided Adrift south from Stuart to the Lake > Worth Lagoon. For us, the boat ride was delightful! Jupit” >

  5. ps: I almost forgot !

    Todd’s overlay is incredible…to see what once was and now is, it’s breathtaking.

    I cannot help but take to heart the simplicity of life back then; when seen in contrast to the development of today – – – knowing that even here in PSL all the wooded lots are giving way in record numbers to cheap, quick-rise homes. How sad. How very sad. (Kudos for your great coverage of ‘Langford Landing and Meritage Homes).

    Please thank your brother for us who follow your family’s legacy of sharing the rich history of the Treasure Coast – the REAL treasures lie in keeping the memories alive.

    Blessings !

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