Summer Swimming, Not What it Used to Be…

With my little sister Jenny, 1st day of summer vacation, Stuart, Florida, 1970s.

When I was a kid growing up in the 60s and 70s in Stuart, summer vacation meant carefree swimming at the  Stuart Causeway, the beach, and the Sunrise Inn. This was such an anticipated time of year that my parents would splurge and buy us new bathing suits from TG&Y.

Here I am pictured with my little sister, Jenny, outside our family home on Edgewood Drive. We were proudly displaying our matching new bathing suits!

Today, things are different. It is important for parents to check the water first. Is it safe? Has an algae bloom been reported? Is the Army Corp dumping Lake Okeechobee?

Today, I share two websites: Martin County, and the Martin County Dept. of Health. Both have been updated to reflect today, and though it’s not all “good news” with this much open government, I am confident things are on their way to getting better.

In the meantime, safe swimming and happy summer!

Martin County (great video “Our Water Story”):

Martin County Health Dept.

Florida 1969


Florida 2019

P.S. Not so sure about the “Natural Places” part? I think here is an opportunity to educate people on nutrient pollution.

9 thoughts on “Summer Swimming, Not What it Used to Be…

  1. How time flies Jacqui! So glad you are keeping the community informed about the water quality. We only hope that this year will be different with some of the money approved and your position on the committee. Keep up the pressure on the politicians!

  2. Cute picture and great advice for parents and grandparents! We have faith that you and the rest of the new Governing Board will turn this super tanker around to address water quality in addition to water quantity!

  3. I saw a report by the Trump administration that said if we had a EMP either natural or man made that 90 % of the US population would starve to death. This is the position our government has put us in. I hope you will read about commissioner Nathin Mayo who served from 1923-1960. Before becomeing commissioner he had farmed 3 differant products so he brought a lot of knowlage to the table.

  4. I thing Niki Fried badly needs a role model—-I hope she will read Nathin Mayo’s biografy before she turns Florida into the Cheech and Chong–up in smoke state.

  5. I suppose the human crap stink is all NATURAL and the hydrogen peroxide sprayed on it —adding iron as a catolyist—makeing red tide is all natural too.

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