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Todd Thurlow presents his website,, Rivers Coalition Inc. meeting, 5-22-19, City of Stuart Chambers. A website of Lake Okeechobee Satellite Imagery and Data

Todd Thurlow gave a great presentation last evening about his website “EyeOnLakeO,” The site is a cache of images, charts, data, videos, graphs, and mathematical conversion calculators. This information is all public, but hard to find because it is buried under layers and layers of government-agency material. Thanks to Todd, now much of this is in one place, and only a click away!

Last’s night’s presentation reviewed everything on the site, but focused mostly on “Descriptions of Satelite Imagery and Sources.” This you may have seen me post on Facebook where Todd juxtaposes the Lake Okeechobee NOAA Harmful Algae Bloom Images to Real Color Images.

You can see other subject boxes include: Florida Chlorophyll; Martin County Chlorophyll; Live Discharge Data; Historical Discharge Graphs (my favorite); Calculators and Tools (super helpful!); Satellites- Landsat 7 & 8; Terra, Aqua, Suomi Last 7 Days; Measurements (of algae blooms in Lake O); Landsat 1-4 Movies 1972-2013; Landsat 4-8 Movies 1982-2018 (compilations of satellite images over time); Lake O Surface Winds “Windy” (to see where the algae will  be pushed and gather); Hurricane Matthew Video info (was 20 miles off Stuart/Cat. 4/2016); Terra/Aqua/Suomi Archives; and a movie of the Lake O Algae Bloom 2016 that Todd measured at  253 square miles being dumped into the St Lucie River at S-308…not a good year!

Todd noted all this got started with Mark Perry, CEO of Florida Oceanographic, asking Todd if he could measure the 2016 bloom. I’m so glad Mark asked!

The presentation was well received and left our heads spinning!

Todd noted during his introduction that he is not a scientist, but a lawyer and an interested citizen like the rest of us. He shared that there is a ton of information out there and that it is not the responsibility of the government to give us the information. It is our responsibility to get it ourselves. Thank God I have Todd as a brother because I don’t have the ability or the desire to mine all of this information. But he does, and we can all use it and all share it and hold our state accountable using it.

What a wonderful thing!

Please go to Todd’s website and explore, bookmark as a reference especially with summer coming:

In closing, I’d like to use this opportunity to compare the 5-18-19 NOAA image on Todd’s site with photographs of algae bloom in Lake Okeechobee taken by my husband, Ed Lippisch, just yesterday. Ed described this bloom as five miles long and a few miles wide. As with many other years, the cyanobacteria is back in the lake. But now we can watch it, and fight that it is not discharged into our river.

~Yes, it is from the air, and from outer-space, that we really can force the conversation for a better water future!

EyeonLakeO web site:
Todd Thurlow bio:

*Todd is my brother

6 thoughts on “http://EyeOnLakeO – Allows Us to Know

  1. Thank you Todd for developing this new website and collecting all this information on Lake O.!!!
    Jacqui, I immediately went to Todd’s website and I too went to the NOAA satellite images. The chlorophyll explosion between 5/14/19 and 5/18/19 (5/19/19) is very concerning and explains why cyanobacteria is already at the Franklin Lock & Dam and in the discharges the West Coast is already seeing.
    This is a reinforcement of why it is so important to lower the Lake O. level during the winter dry season in order to reduce the amount of summer rainy season discharges.

  2. I just came back from putting my crushed shell around a public fishing pier in Grant. I saw a little white head and white feet—-a diamound terraback turtle??? Sure enough it came up again then went down for good. Today our lagoon looked an interstate highway durring rush hour. How in the world has this little guy survived?

  3. Seeing diamoundback terorpin in his strugle to survive puts the wind back in my sails in my struggle to restore his environment.

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