The Scenic Route of Florida? Gone to Hell in a Handbasket! SLR/IRL

Isn’t this old ad from the early 1920s great? Thanks to my mother, local historian Sandra Henderson Thurlow, I have some old real estate ads to share from our region of the state. It makes me think…

The ad reads:

Oscar Hand Pullman Bus Line Connecting with Everglades Boat Line

“Scenic Route of Florida” Daily (Except Sunday)

Through the Everglades, Canals, Across Lake Okeechobee and Along the Famous Muck Soil, the Richest in the World.

Down the Famous Caloosahatchee Vally Route, Abounding with Tropical Scenery, To Fort Myers, the Prettiest Town on the West Coast.

Just $14.04

Today? We could offer a Toxic Algae Tour from Coast to Coast, couldn’t we?

Our ad could read:

A boat ride from the red tide waters of the Atlantic through a polluted St Lucie River

to an airplane or satellite view of an algae filled Lake Okeechobee

then a boat ride to the ailing Calooshahtchee with both red and green tides too!


Historic Scenic Route of Florida?

It went to Hell in a Handbasket! 

Come See! 

Toxic algae under the Evans Crary Bridge, St Lucie River, JTL
Lake O 239 square foot algae bloom, NASA satellite image
Jamie Burns, St Lucie River full of algae bloom from Palm City to Sewall’s Point.
Caloosahatchee algae bloom, photo courtesy Dave Stone.
Caloosahatchee region, photo John Moran


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3 thoughts on “The Scenic Route of Florida? Gone to Hell in a Handbasket! SLR/IRL

  1. Unless someone can convince me otherwise I believe if hydogen peroxide is sprayed on this ozoneolysis will create the domic acid in red tide. Then it will go from bad to leathel.

  2. At the bottom of the blog. there are all kinds of reasons given as to why there are big algae blooms on Lake O. They think they know but they don’t. Some one put calcium carbonate sand in nutrilizeing the acid and activating a toxic brew from hell. I believe the same ‘exsperts” are spraying hydrogen peroxide on this mess and creating what can only be described as a weapon of mass destruction WMD.

  3. Spraying iron with the hydrogen peroxide will act like a catolyst and speed up the reaction makeing the red color in red tide.

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