Breaking Through Water and Sky, Believe

If you feel anything like me, you’re not just tired, but sick of heart from looking at dead animals. The atrocities of our estuaries this year, especially for the Caloosahatchee, are Armageddon like in nature.

It is natural to be saddened, but we must stay strong and find inspiration. When we look around, even on the bloody environmental battlefield, it is there.

Today, I share the beautiful photos of local St Lucie River photographer Stephen Duffy, his Anhinga series shows this symbolic bird in all its glory. These special, yet common birds have no oil on their feathers, so they can both swim underwater and fly above the Earth. Thus the Native People held them sacred.  ~The bird that can fly and swim. The bird that can do “anything.” The bird that breaks the wall of water and sky.

When you see the anhinga remember: fly, swim, break through walls, and most important, believe.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Through Water and Sky, Believe

  1. Always the one to see the light you are.
    Our ever half-full, and never half-empty guide.
    You’re so right. With all the mess everywhere it’s easy to become detached and discouraged.
    Animals don’t judge, nor have the capacity to change what’s being done to them. But as we witnessed this week, the mother Orca who for days swam with her dead newborn baby, trying to bring her back to life, do feel strong emotions and cherish their family.

    Anthropomorphism could be appreciated a little better as a wise teacher I think, rather than a threat to our much shorter experience and understanding of our life’s purpose on Earth.

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